How to Answer “Why Should We Hire You” Questions

Alice Berg
May 8 · 5 min read

The entire interview narrows down to this single question: Why should we give you this job? And it is probably the hardest part of a job interview. Many applicants who don’t prepare for this type of question don’t make it past the interview stage. It may be the reason you didn’t get hired after a wonderful interview.

But when you have a proper answer prepared, you can actually have an advantage over other applicants. Remember, it is your chance to bring attention to some of the outstanding qualities that make you a great candidate for the job.

This article will help you learn:

· Why interviewers like to ask why should we employ you

· The best way to answer this question

· How not to answer when you are asked why they should hire you

“Why Should We Hire You?” — What the Interviewer Is Really Asking?

This question may be asked in different ways but what the interviewer is actually asking is why are you a good fit for this position. They have gone through your resume, cover letter and tested your suitability from the time you started the interview up to this point. What they really want to know, therefore, is if you understand what they are looking for and whether you can offer it.

Already, they think you might be qualified enough for the job; otherwise, they would not invite you for an in-person interview. But there may be one or more applicant just as or more qualified for the job. Thus, answering this question is your one chance to sell your unique skills, qualifications, achievements or abilities.

How to Answer Why Should We Hire You Properly During an Interview

There is no one way to answer this question during an interview. That’s because different employers are looking for different things. You need to learn what the recruiter is searching for to sell yourself appropriately. Here are some tips for answering this question correctly:

Emphasize the Skills and Experience You Have to Do the Job

When asked “why should we give you this job?” or “tell us about yourself” bring light to the skills, talent, strengths, achievements and work experience that are relevant to the specific position you are interviewing for. Relate how these qualities will help you get the job done.

Show How You Will Be an Excellent Addition to Their Team

Educate yourself on the company culture and the characteristic of the department you will be working in. Armed with this information, demonstrate how your professional and personal attributes make you a perfect fit.

Talk about How You Will Help Them Achieve More

Research the company’s challenges, goals, and emerging issues beforehand and show how your expertise can be of help. Get these details by visiting their website and social media pages.

Show the Interviewer Your Enthusiasm for the Job

Added to the skills and experience that you bring to the table, show the potential employer that you are enthusiastic about starting the job. Show a positive attitude for the tasks you will be handling if you are hired. However, don’t exaggerate your enthusiasm.

Be Honest

Be truthful and consistent about the information you give. That includes the interview and what you state in your professional resume. Recruiters may sometimes make a follow-up to confirm what you have written.

Examples of Great Answers to These Interview Questions

Here are some variations to the question “Why we should employ you?” and the excellent answers you can provide to impress the hiring manager.

Question: Explain why your experience and background are a good fit for this position.

Answer: After reading your company’s roadmap plans online, I determined that you require a project manager who can tackle other departmental duties as well. I could not express this concisely on the resume, but when interning at MobiDev, I spent a month each on six different departments to get to a good idea of how the organization functions as a whole. With my administration skills, I managed to raise output by 36 percent and thus believe I am better placed to be your project manager. I will go about my roles while also maintaining knowledge of the activities in other departments.

This sample answer shows company research, a lot of enthusiasm, awareness of the future, and quantifiable achievements. On the latter, feel free to learn more about how to quantify your past work duties.

Question: Please explain why you are a great candidate for this job.

Answer: From the job description, I gathered that you were interested in an applicant with an intermediate level of managerial experience at your restaurant. In my resume, you will see that I have seven years of restaurant supervisory work history, during which I managed to increase sales by 445 percent while cutting overhead at the same time. Nonetheless, my resume does not show that I am also familiar with other restaurant duties. I am conversant with the roles of front-house positions because I started as a waiter, which helped me to learn about various aspects of running a busy restaurant. Now, I believe that my experience, attitude, and work ethic make me an ideal candidate for this position.

This sample answer showcases relevance, best candidacy, and quantifiable achievements.

What Not to Say When Asked Why You Are the Best

While honesty is essential, there are times when you need to keep that honest reply within you. So, to avoid running things with your truthful answers, try to steer clear of the following issues:

· Money: Leave your salary expectations out of your answers.

· Perks: Do not make the hiring manager get an opinion that you are only interested in the benefits that come with the job.

· Being desperate for the job.

· Being general: Avoid giving generalized answers as they make you come off as uninformed.

In conclusion, answering the “why we should give you this job” question well gives you a higher chance of making it past the interview stage. Keep what we have highlighted in this post in mind and you will get that dream job. Good luck!

Alice Berg

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Blogger from Bath, who received a degree in Social Work and Applied Social Studies. Now helps people to find their own way in life and gives career advice.

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