Be the Author of Your Life.

Making decisions are crucial to having the life that you want. We make countless ones throughout the day, and they shape our lives. Whether you choose to do nothing or you choose to take action, they are both a choice.

How do you make decisions based off of a completely unknown experience?

I have been asking myself this question a lot because there are pivotal moments in life when these decisions can be difficult.

In my case, I had to decide whether or not to stay in a relationship with my ex boyfriend of 5 years when he was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. It just humbled me, you can try so hard to control everything, and the natural course we call life can come in and make you realize that sometimes it has nothing to do about control, it’s about letting go.

The easy route would have been to leave. I have never had any experience of care taking prior, and this is a disease with no cure. That’s what my logic was telling me, it didn’t make sense to stay. However, against all odds, I choose to face this reality and really be there for him.

I had envisioned myself at the end looking back, and I understood that they only things that we regret are the things we don’t do.

It was definitely not the easiest time during those last few months of his life, but you know what? I feel 100% confident that I made the right decision because in the process I surprised myself with how much a person can do for someone else.

You can be surprised with how a certain situation can give rise to sides of you that you didn’t think existed.

I might not know what life has in store for me, but at least I have the courage to walk the life I envision, rather than let my fears dictate how my life turns out.

The pages in the book are still being written, if you choose to, it can be an amazing ending.