Are you a dude that wants to start doing skincare but don’t know where to start? Or a skincare obsessed girlfriend that can’t get your guy to stick to the regimen because the products so far don’t work for him?

Tried and tested with guys that used to use soap on their face — the products below actually work and now they’re hooked.

  1. Sunscreen (for use in the morning)
  2. Cleanser (before bed)
  3. Moisturizer (before bed)
  1. Sunscreen — Biore UV AQUA Rich (SPF 50+) ($14)

Sunscreen is the foundation of skincare. The best sunscreen? The one you will actually wear consistently…

How do awesome people choose from different opportunities?

I started this project after multiple friends asked me for advice on how they could hire people like their friends — top talent.

The condensed information below is useful to anyone that wants to understand how exceptional people decide on their next opportunities.

First question: What do the top 1% of builders value in potential opportunities? What stood out to them in the hiring process?

Second question: How do these answers compare to the top 10% of builders? How can we extract the “special sauce” (if there is one) that can attract future top 1% builders?

Interviewed 30 of the…

Alice Deng

previously product @dropbox

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