Bill Nye Saves The World Disappointed My Inner Child
Kayt Molina

I completely agree Kayt! A lot of the episodes were actually a complete disillusionment to me, to the point that I just haven’t watched them all because I can’t take his almost obnoxious opinions and talking down to his audience, as you put it, as if we are still children. A lot of millenials now have Graduate Degrees undertaking important research and most of us are young professional in our fields. Why talk to us with that kind of tone? The GMO episode completely took me aback. Bringing a representative of Monsanto that practically felt like he was defending the company’s ethics rather than part of the debate. And yes, the alternative medicine episode was terribly done. What about tradition Chinese Medicine? Naturopaths? How about bringing on a renown practitioner instead of someone who does documentaries about it? Why bring on someone who uses sound and yelling as an example of alternative medicine? Can Bill Nye at least try to be objective? Why have a discussion about it all if he will not allow for different opinions? His first episode on climate change has been my absolute favourite episode so far. So thankful when any scientist pushes the facts on climate change. Thanks for this piece Kayt!