By the end of this comprehensive explainer, you’re going to understand not just the ins and outs of connectivity but the ups, downs and sideways too.

Are You Ready to Be an IoT Connectivity Expert?

There is an unreasonable number of acronyms, abbreviations and initialisms swimming around in the IoT world. …

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As we come away from another year at CES (the Consumer Electronics Show), we are reminded of something that we wrote about several years ago. CES, usually the home of the bleeding edge, has a depressingly old-fashioned problem. A lack of women in positions of power and visibility.

In 2018, we wrote about the lack of women in tech and what the causes might be. …

The term “smart city” gets thrown around a lot these days. It’s a hot topic and every city from Aarhus to Zagreb seems to want to get in on the action. So, as all these cities proudly share their plans for becoming smart, or declare that they are already a smart city, we have to ask ourselves a question:

What Exactly Is It That Makes a City Smart?

In general, a smart city is considered to be one that utilizes data gathered from connected devices to inform better decision making. They optimize infrastructure through information gathered from smart sensors, networks, and applications. …

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