Why Is Cornerstone Content Important (and How to Make Google Love Yours)

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Do you know what cornerstone content is? Do you know the best practices to create cornerstone content? This guide explains everything you need to produce cornerstone articles that will captivate your readers and help you rank higher in Google.

Is all content created equal? If you’ve been writing content for a while or even if you are a beginner, you know the answer to that question.

The work of content creators is not easy most of the time. Reconciling user experience with SEO techniques can be a complex endeavor.

Things get even more complicated when it comes to building the foundation content of your website or blog. This is the very content that will drive the most traffic to your site and to which you will often refer to and link.

This is where cornerstone content comes into play.

What Exactly Is Cornerstone Content?

Cornerstone content is one of the single most important actions you can take to start building your brand with content.

Cornerstone articles are the most important sections of your website and those that are most likely to capture the interest of visitors.

In a nutshell, cornerstone content is a high-value piece of content that acts as a foundation for your goals. This foundational text needs to be highly relevant to your niche and it will help you establish authority in your industry.

Its main goal is to create a positive first impression of your brand or website, which will help you eventually becoming recognized as an expert.

Why Are Cornerstone Articles Important?

Cornerstone content is part of a data-based content market strategy, which is designed to help brands deliver their insight to their users at the right time.

Because these are the posts that you want to rank highest in search engines, is important for cornerstone articles to be at least 1,000 words and longer.

They should also be evergreen and extremely well written. You should also do your best to update cornerstone content regularly and make sure that users can find it easily on your blog.

Is It Difficult to Create a Cornerstone Content Strategy?

It shouldn’t be too difficult to come up with a cornerstone content strategy, because these articles should be the content that your site is relevant for.

This is the content with the most internal links on your site, so try to make cornerstone articles comprehensive enough so you can link to them every time you write another article on the same theme on your blog.

Start by choosing your side main keywords by using tools such as Keywords Everywhere or Ubersuggest. From the list of keywords to get, select the ones that can inspire pieces of cornerstone content that are comprehensive for the niche you are targeting.

While this is not always true for all niches, the articles you choose to include as cornerstone content on your website should act as an introduction for those who are not particularly familiar with the niche and are looking to get started.

For example, if you have a niche in pickleball, you will cornerstone content should be related to the rules of the game and how beginners can get started.

This is what Ubersuggest offers as keywords suggestions for the pickleball niche:

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As you can see, the highest volume keywords are related to pickleball paddles, pickleball rules, and how to play pickleball. These keywords can inspire your cornerstone articles, and you should make sure you go in-depth with the information when you write them.

How to Come Up With Topics for Cornerstone Content

If you have a brand-new blog or website, you should come up with topics for your cornerstone content based on the fundamental concepts of your niche.

It is important to make sure you do your keyword research thoroughly. These are not regular blog posts, and in fact, most SEO strategists recommend users to create separate pages for cornerstone articles instead of simply adding them as regular blog posts.

The topics you come up with should focus on keywords that are definitive for your niche. Go above and beyond what you usually do when you’re writing cornerstone posts. Don’t forget to check out what the competitors are doing in the same niche and try to explain it better than them.

Can You Transform Regular Articles into Cornerstone Content?

If you have existing content on your blog, you can rewrite some of it as cornerstone articles, keeping in mind that you might need to update it quite heavily to fit the requirements of cornerstone content.

It is easier for websites with a lot of content that transform some of their most successful and comprehensive blog posts into cornerstone articles.

Besides creating fresh content, you can also find the most critical pieces of content on your blog and compile a list of posts and link to them. This way you can create comprehensive guides that comprise of post titles and short descriptions which will act as a cornerstone content page.

What Type of Cornerstone Articles Does Google Love?

The key to creating cornerstone content that Google loves is to pay special attention to keywords, headlines, and title tags.

Do your keyword research is fundamental for creating content that will rank high in search engines, whether it is cornerstone or not.

Choose the most appropriate keywords for your content so searchers will get an immediate answer from your articles. Don’t use tricks like coming up with a well-thought headline for a blog post that then doesn’t deliver the information it promises.

The headline is important because you want the prospective reader to click on it. Use a headline analyzer tool whenever possible, such as the one provided by CoSchedule.

How to Identify Cornerstone Articles Using Yoast SEO

If you are using Yoast SEO (which you should), you can mark your chosen articles as cornerstone content.

Simply go to the Yoast SEO section underneath the post you’re writing WordPress and click the “Mark as cornerstone content” button.

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If you have Yoast Premium, you will then automatically get reminders to link back to your cornerstone article, as it will appear on top of the internal linking box.

Final Thoughts

Cornerstone content seems like a daunting task to many content creators because it involves a lot of effort. Don’t let this put you off, though.

Try to create evergreen content that is fundamental for your niche and promote it more than you do with other articles. As always, quality is more important than quantity and is key to achieving your SEO goals.

Originally published at https://alicegenes.com on November 5, 2019.

Freelance copywriter and editor. I write about freelancing, digital marketing, and personal development. Visit me at alicegenes.com.

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