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Being a freelance writer is a bit like being on Tinder. You get weird messages regularly and you get rejected. A lot.

Now before you freak out, know that if you’re in the game long enough, you start to develop a very thick skin that makes you immune to all kinds of stuff, including rejection.

But still, rejection takes a toll on your mental health. …

The answer is more complex than you’d think

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It’s a story as old as time (modern time, that is). You’re a content or technical writer moonlighting as a wannabe novelist. Maybe you have even published fiction, but it hasn’t yet got you to the point where you can say goodbye to your clients and disappear into the horizon flying on your royalties checks.

I know (of) dozens of such people. I am one of them myself. And it has dawned on me years ago that cranking out words for clients writing web content, technical brochures, product descriptions and so on somehow leaves me drained of the creativity and…

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Do you know what cornerstone content is? Do you know the best practices to create cornerstone content? This guide explains everything you need to produce cornerstone articles that will captivate your readers and help you rank higher in Google.

Is all content created equal? If you’ve been writing content for a while or even if you are a beginner, you know the answer to that question.

The work of content creators is not easy most of the time. Reconciling user experience with SEO techniques can be a complex endeavor.

Things get even more complicated when it comes to building the…

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We’re not all destined to be morning persons and that’s OK

I have a confession to make — I am not a morning person. Never was and probably never will be. Some people would call me lazy and shame me for not jumping out of bed at 6 a.m., run a 5km, and then get to work.

But guess what. I’m not lazy. I’m just a night owl.

For more than 30 years, the joy of getting up at the dawn of day, glancing at the sun coming up, and feeling all chirpy and ready to start the day has eluded me.

If I get up at 8 o’clock, I consider…

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The internet is dominated by native English speakers. That is a fact, and because it’s not likely to change, the only way to be visible and be highly successful as an online entrepreneur/blogger/digital marketer is to write in English.

Of course, this poses problems for those who speak English as a second language. But the issues are solvable, and they shouldn’t stay in your way of becoming a successful digital entrepreneur.

The only advice I could give to someone who asks whether they can become bloggers or freelance writers in English when they have a different first language is to…

And how to put an end to it for good

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Being a freelancer is a bit like being a perpetual student. Playing catch up with deadlines is undoubtedly something all students and post-grads can identify with.

When I was a student, I used to start every semester with the best of intentions, promising myself that I won’t be spending the Christmas or spring break in a constant state of cramming for the exams that would follow.

But, alas, plans are one thing, and putting them in practice is an entirely different story. Up until my final dissertation was due, I was still procrastinating the hell out of my tasks. …

From a member who hasn’t written more because of the ‘claps’ system

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Over the past couple of days, I read several articles about the upcoming changes in the Medium Partner Program. For those who didn’t get the memo, the current ‘clapping’ system is being phased out, to be replaced with rewarding writers based on reading time.

Most of the opinions I read were from established writers on Medium, some from the top-earners around, like Shannon Ashley for example.

I haven’t seen many pieces from writers who only write on Medium occasionally, but I’ve read a couple of comments from those worried that. …

Say no to panic and yes to action

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It happens to the best of us. Whether you are a seasoned freelancer or a beginner, you’re going to go through a slump eventually.

How you deal with it can make or break your business, so here are some tips on dealing with a freelancing slump that will get you to the other side.

The first thing most freelancers do when they notice their stable clients drift away is panic. And that’s understandable.

One week you’re overbooked and the next one you’re checking your email three times a minute in the hope someone needs some work done, preferably at a…

But not a tragedy if you don’t

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Every “how-to” guide for wannabe freelancers will tell you to find a niche. Very few of them are actually written by someone who has spent years wandering through the meanders of no-niche land.

I have actually been there. I had no niche, and over the years my writing has become so versatile I can now write about anything with my eyes closed. Well, not really closed because I need to proofread as I type, but you get the point.

Do you need me to write incredibly engaging listings for houses in Malibu or condos in Florida? I’m your girl. Product…

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Whether you’re just breaking into the content writing market or have decided to up your game, it’s time to acknowledge something. You need to learn WordPress.

“But I write all my content in Word or Google Docs, it’s not my business to know CMS,” you might say.

And you may be right, up to one point.

Your creative way with words is only a tiny fraction of the job when you’re writing content. It’s not the type of writing that only requires a blank sheet of paper in front of you to get your creative juices flowing.

It’s the sort…

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