I used to think that my life defined who I was.

For every situation, I would interact with myself. I would script play the situation over and over again in my head. Checking every angle of the story to really understand it and determine the best way forward.

Sometimes I would be caught for hours and hours dwelling in my own thoughts.

What I now know as unnecessary thoughts.

It was my own dwelling that was defining my own thought pattern and the constant stress and anxiety I put myself under.

Why as human do we do this to ourselves?

Who would have thought that being the only animals that can think about our thinking could be such a disadvantage…

Sure, there are many benefits to this unique trait but more times than not it works to our disadvantage.

It is our thinking about the thinking that causes our anxiety and our stress. The situation is long gone and yet we keep the existence alive by our own thoughts that then dictate our reaction or no reaction.

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