Releasing Anger

The law of divine compensation by Marianne Williamson.

Anger is a second category of thoughts that deactivate the power of the Law of Divine Compensation. Anger is an emotional impurity that hardens the heart and closes the mind.

I am not denying that there are many understandable reasons why we get angry. Perhaps you find yourself in debt, underemployed, or unemployed through no fault of your own. Someone may have unfairly fired you, lied about you to a superior, stolen money from you, or exploited you for financial gain. Despite trying to be responsible as possible, you were simply swept aside by circumstances beyond your control.

Those things do happen. And it’s natural to feel angry when they do.

Even then, however, love is the answer. Without love, the universe cannot program itself to compensate for whatever might have been taken from us. If we do not let go of our anger, it can block the miraculous universe, empowering the idea that we were victimised and then recreating the scenario in which we are.

We forgive, then, out of self-interest. I forgive you because I want out of my pain. I forgive you so that I can be free of what you did. I see beyond your mistakes to the love in you so that I can see beyond the mistake to the love in me — because only then can I have a miracle.

We were not created to be at the effect of lovelessness either in ourselves or in others.

Feel your feelings, yes, but be self-aware enough to know the difference between processing and spewing. Feeling your feelings is healthy; holding onto them longer than you need to is self-indulgent. Express your anger in a safe environment, and then know when it’s time to stop verbalising your pain.

It doesn’t matter if someone tells you that you ‘deserve’ to be angry — you deserve, of course, to feel whatever you want to feel! But the only way to experience miracles is to think about situations in a miracle-minded way. Holding onto anger hurts no one but yourself. As it says in A Course in Miracles “Do you prefer to be right or to be happy?”

The universe knows if you were hurt and is already on the case to make right whatever wrong occurred. Your anger, if it lingers, throws a wrench in the machine of the miraculous universe.

Let’s say your financial good was blocked by someone, or by forces outside your control. You were not necessarily the cause of what happened to you, but you are responsible for how you contextualise it. Yes, whatever happened, happened; but what happens now is up to you. You can respond from ego, ensuring pain; or you can respond from spirit, ensuring a miracle.

The level of woundedness is the level of illusions. By identifying with this level, we experience effects at this level. Something has the power to hurt us to the extent to which we believe in its power. If we believe in the reality of a wound, then we will feel really wounded. The healing lies in remembering what is real.

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