We can change our perception in a moment.

It is hard but we can all do it.

That includes you.

Determination, observation and awareness for yourself; is what is the key.

Our perception is an amazing thing. It is based on our beliefs, values and influenced by our experiences and general interaction with and of others. We want to fit into what we feel is normal and acceptable behaviour. We absorb all this content into who we are and it instinctively becomes our primary unconscious representation of our actions. Meaning; by what we say, what we do, what we don’t do and ultimately how we feel.

Our mind and our ego that comes to our defence is not it’s intended tool. Like the cells in our body that have a purpose, the purpose of our mind is intended as an analytic tool. In fact the strongest analytic tool in existence.

From a young age, we quickly learn to identify with our mind. We interact with it, we prepare our conversations with it, we share our deepest secrets and all our pain. When we are feeling hurt, insecure or angry our first port of call is our mind to make some sort of sense and to rationalize the situation. Our happy moments, our love, our warm and fuzzies go straight to our heart. We never need to problem solve our positive moments. They are lived and enjoyed in that moment. It is our growth in who we are and it is how we evolve for everything that is available to us in life to experience and enjoy.

Unfortunately, and unconsciously we have armed our mind with a ray of resources to choose from.

All the content that we collate throughout our entire lifetime is stored in our mind (aka our memory bank or mind tool box).

The moment we start to think, conceptualize or problem solve a situation in our mind (being in preparation of what to do, what to say or to make sense of our situation) our only existence (being unconscious) becomes of that in the mind. We become lost and consumed in our mind thoughts. We are no longer aware that we are not living and interacting in the present moment.

We look for all the answers in our mind. We console our mind for what we should do.

In all of this process we are limiting our situation and completely influencing our decisions by our past interactions and feelings of our mind. Being our insecurities, our fears, and our mind made realities.

Would you go to the same library everyday of your life that contains over a million books and borrow the same book for the rest of your life?

This is what we do by our mind thoughts being our first instinctive port of call.

We in essence; eliminate all awareness of our consciousness, our source of truth. Instead we unconsciously (losing all sense of reality) trap ourselves in our mind that has falsely been enabled with the only resources that we (ourselves) have contained within it.

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