Business card examples

Word template example below.

Words templates are so small that I doubt I will use them. Vista print offer better methods.

Here is the proof from my previously designed business cards. If I were to use these then I would present them to event clients, I would present a lighter, more pastel toned business card with a wedding photograph, to potential wedding clients. One that is consistent with my style. As I am still waiting to shoot my first wedding I am unable to design this yet but that is what I would do if I had the images to make use of.

Business card, note card and thankyou card. All the branding is consistent.

From having another quick look at other photograohers business cards they do not actually have ot have an image of theirs on the card. Perhaps an image on the back and then a plain front with contact details for a minimalistic look or they have more interesting deisgns by graphic designers.

Below is a link to a new business card website with more contemporary designs.

New design of business cards from zazzle

This is now an example of what my business card could like once I have photographed my first wedding.

These are screenshots, hence the dodgy quality.

That brings my research on the business card, as a promotional tool, and the design of it to an end. All the research is intertwined throughout my blog.

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