Packaging Ideas

It is not just about the product you offer at the event, the before and after matter aswell. Here are a few ideas I may take up and put my own spin on once I get up and running. If a USB or CD is what the client is after than why not give them something memorable, rather than something cold and plastic. Keep the idea in your head of consistent branding. Wooden USB drives are environmentally friendly and current. This can be offered alongside more expensive print packages to work around budgets.

Custom USB?

This is a good idea I have just snapped up from pinterest, something extra that shows you have put thought into the final stages of the clients wedding. Attention to detail is important to show you care.

This is the link that I found on pinterest when looking at the above image. I am sure there are other sites like this around. In fact, there are.

Here is another company that provides USB’s for photographers as well as taking care of the packaging. Some websites look like they provide better quality than others but that is normal. The product I go with will all depends on who I end up marketing to when I make this happen.

Example of work from the website
The larger boxes that they provide. This seems to hold alot of small prints, this may not be what I want to give out to my clients, therefore the small USB package box may be more practical. It could be included in with other aspects in the package.
From laura gordon on Pinterest- Packagaing idea for a CD/DVD

Below is the link that I followed through from Pinterest. This packaging idea is from her business.

Another idea is to use environmentally friendly packaging throughout as is shown below. If using a CD/DVD printing a photo onto it as a label is preferable, there is nothing worse than a blank CD, does not show much care has been taken.

Leave a thankyou note in the package, as well as note explaining what is on the CD.

CD holder with business cards and stamps
Bespoke, hand made packaging. Not something I will have time for but could eventually buy from a supplier.

This presentation above got me excited even though it is the same presentation as a photo box from above however this one has small extras within it that make it look appealing. I was so intrigued I wanted to find the photographers that created it, Mozi Photography, which is the reason for the weird trail that unfolds after this sentence. They were hard to track down and I am still not sure if I have found the right people. I just wanted to see there style of photography and see how they fit it all together with the packaging.

This is the link to the original person that pinned the image. She was not the photographer I was looking for, from what I can see I don’t think she even photographs weddings.

This link below seemed more promising, however the logo did not appear anywhere. There work is really good though. Good use of light.

Now here I think I have hit the jackpot, they are advertised through a vendor but the logo matches, as you will see. There is also a blog that shows there photographs.

So there was my little research experiment looking for the person who created the packaging, the photos fit the contemporay packaging style, relaxed and breezy yet professional.

Packaging is an important part of the process, it seals the deal and ensures you will get recommended to others. It is all in the finer details.