Symposium Day 2nd of March with Ed Bremner and Anna from Panos

Notes from Ed Bremner’s talk on copyright, licensing and pricing.

Invoice work/example

Anna from Panos Agency

Notes from her lecture on being a documentary practising photographer

Extra notes from the small group discussion with Anna

Photo shelter 
Contact list

How she researches for contacts…
-First name from person then info @….
Video course weekend could be useful, having video skills give another edge for clients to see.
Added value

Notes from portfolio and general discussion with Stephen

Enterprise grants
Plymouth uni funding
Pre start support 
Success stories
Go to the bank and get a business plan
Invent a number of different scenarios and work back from there- products to market 
Wedding fayres 
Happiness is something to treasure 
Social portraiture- different kind of pre wedding photos — not the studio 
Aop- events photographers competitors
Aphoto editor blog 
Ways to promote work 
Insta promo on blog
Mini portfolio 
How do you others promote themselves 
Young/aspiring photographer 
Online sales

Next Step from here

  • Research into business funding
  • Brainstorm a few business ideas and work backwards
  • Re- do website to have it tailored to an events and wedding business
  • Prepare packages for weddings..
  • Create small business cards to take to the events