Tutorial 17th Feb

Who’s paying the art producer?

  • Get money from other areas of photography (guy that photographs for hotels)he has a consistent style.

Art buyer for an image library → Photography- Stock, Getty Images →picture editing

Art Director- Oversee the visual style of something, in a magazine, large role, logistical production

→ Picture editor- Commissioning for magazine, the photographers

→ Picture editor (stock images)


Freelance photographers need to get their work in to creative agencies

Use my object photography in portfolio.

Film/Specials photographers in Bristol

Difference between an agent and an agency. Photographers have their own agents that take a percentage of your wage, agencies don’t represent you they just remember you and send work your way.

Portfolio Online/Website

Don’t need to think of it as projects, just get your best images and have them on display. Like a look book.

Possibly have a part time job in a print place- free printing for portfolios.

Multiple things lead to what you want to do. People want to see published work, once you are published you will start getting there.

Arenas where you want to work- people that you know/connections.

What to do now

  • Find the person that has the job you want (AOP)
  • Contact agencies ( in bristol) or elsewhere for advice
  • Who, what, why, how?
  • How they got where they are
  • Magazine credits, email these people if you want your work in magazine…get seen by important people, they wont come to you if they do not know you exist.
  • One thing leads to another
  • Smaller approach, people will see my object work and see that I can do it so get work off of the back of that hopefully.
  • Deep research
  • Basically be a TV detective
  • Fotographia blog
  • Enter Foam Talent, even if you don’t get chosen a panel will still see your work.

This is what I have been working on today since the tutorial. I have until the 20th of March to submit so I will get it checked for errors and then I will take the plunge and enter.

In this tutorial I also learnt that if I want to get work from agencies then CV’s do not matter. A better idea is to maybe use postcard size images with contact details on the back that the company can refer to easily and hopefully remember. Also my current CV is cheesy haha! So I have made it more simple and will probably still use this for other jobs if needs be. It wasn’t wasted time anyway as Foam need a summarised CV so win win for me kind of.

I think I will still take it to a careers advisor, the more opinions whilst i’m here the better.