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Is A Virtual Sexology Experience What Women Really Want?

BaDoinkVR is giving out 10,000 free sex toys for women wanting to explore their bodies and enjoy VR in a whole new way

What Women Want is the newest instalment in BaDoinkVR’s Virtual Sexology series which — as the name suggests, is designed specifically with the female user in mind.

This is a virtual reality experience for sex education and therapy that aims bridge the gap between education and entertainment and help women enhance sexual pleasure and performance, both solo and with their partners.

The idea, explains Dinorah Hernandez, Director at BaDoinkVR, was to provide a much more hands-on approach to discovering female sexual empowerment:

“We’re striving to appeal to a large demographic of women that have been widely ignored by the adult industry, as we recognized that women tend to have different a mindset compared to men when it comes to adult VR,” she explained

Not only is the experience itself free to download, but BaDoinkVR is also giving away free companion sex toys to the first 10,000 women who request them on the site. The experience was designed “by women and for women,” with input from experts in the field such as AASECT certified sex therapist Dr. Holly Richmond, PhD, who helped to develop the content and exercises featured.

Dr. Richmond is a somatic psychologist who works with women, men and couples on relationship and sexuality issues. She uses somatic (body-based) principles to help uncover subconscious issues that contribute to clients’ primary concerns. Her treatment specialties include low and absent libido, desire discrepancies in couples, compulsivity issues with sex and pornography, recovery from sexual assault and abuse, alternative sexual lifestyles, and those working or who have worked in the adult industry.

“In my practice as a somatic psychologist and certified sex therapist, I place equal importance on the body and the mind. With sex, this is of utmost importance and VR gives us an even more direct channel to somatic manifestations of pleasure and sexual wellness,” says Dr. Richmond. “Virtual Sexology is a progressive concept that offers a wide-variety of positive sexual health applications in an informative and entertaining way,”. “Women’s desire and arousal are unique to men’s and extremely varied, so our approach with this endeavour was to explore not only what women want, but also how they want it.”

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Originally published at Alice Bonasio.