Do Women Really Want Equality?
Nikita Coulombe

I’m a scientist, being a female (and young) makes that challenging, and yes I, and every female scientist I know would probably say that we do what real equality and have to work harder to prove ourselves and take on more management tasks on top of our research because of the perceived view of women.

I have a couple of female friends who did not want children. However, they got pregnant and as they are career driven scientists-their partners are the major caregivers-which, because of cultural stereotypes is challenging. People never say a woman is “brave” for giving up their life to look after children (and other women would likely often not respect that choice), whereas a man would be called brave by women and weak by men; this is not good for anyone.

Equality should respect peoples right to choose, rather than try to push them into boxes. Equality means equal praise for equal contributions, rather than one sex being expected to just take up all the extra roles that often make institutions work well, and for this to be barely acknowledged (very common in academia). So yes, we want and deserve equality, but arguments like that above undermine that even though ultimately equality is best for everyone

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