Confessions of a Coach #1

Just five months ago I walked away from my secure job as a well paid senior executive working for a bright, successful, entrepreneurial business where I got free breakfast, yoga classes in the studio, private healthcare, an iPhone and mac and so much more. Many thought I was mad to leave. I wondered myself at times. Now, I can confirm it was the best decision I could’ve made.

The truth is that I’d stopped being fulfilled. I was fed up with my commute, I was responsible for things I didn’t enjoy, I’d stopped learning, I didn’t feel like I was adding value to the business and perhaps most importantly, I was becoming miserable company to my family and friends.

Rather than jump to a place where the grass might be greener, I decided to set up my own business. I figured that this would allow me to do what I love (almost all of the time), what I’m good at (all of the time) and to work with people I chose to work with (all of the time). My pay package looks vastly different and there are no free benefits anymore. But I am challenged daily and I’m happy.

Why am I sharing all this? Because I’ve been putting off writing my blog and finding my voice for too many months now and I needed to start somewhere. I decided that writing about my journey into the unknown was a good place to start.

Over these past few months, incredible numbers of people have given me their time, patience, knowledge, energy, expertise and more — guiding me into the rather scary but very exciting world of business ownership. With their help, I’ve secured clients and made a little money — two things I thought wouldn’t happen for at least 6 months, perhaps even 12. For this, I’ll be forever grateful.

This blog — Confessions of a Coach — is going to be about me sharing what I’m learning on my way. My hope is that it may help, inspire and give confidence and courage to anyone who is thinking of quitting that top-notch job that they’re really miserable in to do something they love instead.