Review: How Can Students Distinguish a Genuine Assignment Writing Service from a Fraud One?

With each passing day, reviews are becoming more crucial in affecting consumers’ behaviour. Finding a genuine assignment writing service can be a tough task especially when a student is planning to hire an assignment writing service for the first time. As a first timer, a student is likely to rely on what other students have chosen an assignment-writing agency.

It is known to all that a genuine academic writing agency or professional assignment writer is a rare breed. On searching the internet, students will get thousands of assignment writing companies. However, many of these services are scammers; they supply duplicate write up and poor quality contents and overcharge for under-quality write ups. Students need to be well informed in order to avoid scammers.

What difference hiring random agency can make?

Newbie agencies do not have enough resource to deal with tough assignments, but in order to earn money, they accept assignments. By relying on any random agency without a thorough background check, students take a risky chance with the score. As new players in this industry to cut writer hiring cost depends on freelance writers and mediators. Freelance writers should be avoided as many of them have a bad reputation when it comes to delivering projects within time.

Writing agencies, which are not genuine, are likely to charge either higher or much lower than the market rate. So before hiring, students need to be sure about the market rate and only then, they can choose the best possible option for them. It is advised not to choose an assignment writing service that charges either higher or much lower than the current market rate.

By selecting the fraud service provider, students will get under-quality content by paying a high price.

How to decide if a writing service offers genuine help

To spot the authentic and highly rated assignment writing service, students can rely on reviews posted on review sites. Only going by testimonials is not a very good idea. On checking review sites, students will have a thorough knowledge regarding a particular assignment-writing agency. On a reliable assignment-writing website like, students will get plenty reviews on many review sites. reviews can be found on reliable and top class review sites. Now students need to judge if the reviewers is writing about his or her true experience or not. In order to do that, students can go by ATEK principles

Experts suggest ATEK principle to check if a writing company is genuine or not. ATEK stands for affordable, trustworthy, experienced and knowledgeable. If any assignment writer or agency possesses these qualities, then students can be sure of their competency in providing quality assistance.

Students need to be cautious while checking reviews, as finding these all features in one agency is rare and only genuine assignment writing services will get positive reviews that include these words particularly. While judging an agency by, students must be very sure about what they are looking for. Depending on requirements, students can check if any assignment-writing agency can serve to those needs or not.

Like while checking my assignment help reviews, students must look for subject or service specific keywords that determine if MyAssignmenthelp can help him or her with any particular assignment. High rated sites like, Essaygator, etc have extensive ranges of service and offer assistance on 100+ topics.

While checking students must be very careful about certain facts, like students must avoid agencies that are getting all positive reviews from users. All positive reviews can be fake and so can all negative reviews. It would be much better if students consider mixed reviews.

Signs of a genuine writing agency

Particular aspects are apparent in genuinely written reviews. Many students, who are confused about how to spot a reliable agency, fall prey to false reviews and end up losing money, marks and credibility. Even for any high rated assignment help service like, students may get My Assignment help fake reviews. Spotting genuine reviews has become the need of the hour.

1. Sign of originality

Is MyAssignmenthelp reliable? Yes, it is! How can one be sure of it? Students can always rely on high rated and most acknowledge sites like,, due to its extensive service and assurance of originality. Like this, while choosing assignment writing agencies, students should search for reviews that can throw some lights on the uniqueness factor of services and papers delivered by any particular agency.

2. It’s always safe to choose an agency that allows students to pay after getting the paper or take payment through PayPal

Reliable service providers always allow students to pay after they get complete and ready assignments. Many agencies demand upfront prior starting the writing and this is why it becomes tough for students to trust an agency for the first time. However, asking upfront does not necessarily mean that the agency will cheat. Experts advise choosing an agency that has PayPal payment option so that students get protection against cheated on or losing money.

Why is hiring assignment help service not unethical?

Many students might wonder that hiring someone else to complete their task is unethical. Genuine assignment writing agency does not provide an exact solution of an assignment query; these agencies provide students specific guideline that will help students in framing their own solutions. So hiring assignment help is never wrong if not used with wrong intention.

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