One family, one name.
Why So Few Women Keep Their Maiden Names
John McDermott

Ironic as it may seem (being born into a family in which my parents maintained their respective “single” surnames), these four words resonate with me deeply. I am considered the new generation of today – digitally wired, alternatively minded – but yet there has always been something so “right” to me about marital union. I want to be in that minority that chooses a partner, says “I do” and never looks back. Maybe that’s a personal commitment that, in today’s time, has diminished in value, but it has never been an uncertainty for me. So getting back to the name issue itself, I don’t think it is the nitty gritty (hyphen or not) that matters, but rather the substance of the relationship. You could have four first names, or four last names, but the one name of family that will never change is love.

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