With great genius often comes great angst and suffering.
Chris Campbell

The age-old dilemma. Is the tradeoff ever really worth it? If the creation of what society considers “great art” must come at the cost of human lives, is artistic greatness really a good pursuit? I raise these questions with much internal conflict, having grown up with a classical music background and being groomed to fit its world throughout my adolescence. Truth be told, I have no answers. Amy Winehouse’s story is beyond tragic and we all hope to grow up without having to experience the kinds of pain she did. I do, however, hope that this causes music educators and industry professionals to think twice about how they guide their artists and what real priorities are.

(Something to add, a very sincere and heartwarming documentary about her life and music: http://www.amy-movie.com/mobile )

From one music lover to another, thank you for sharing your thoughts Chris Campbell