Choosing a Payday Lender in Todays Financial Climate

Payday loans offer quick cash for people who may have unexpected expenses, want to purchase something while it’s discounted or who need some extra cash to pay their bills after they overspent in one area of their budget. This type of lending is a profitable business so there are many, many companies out there that offer this service. Although they are regulated, there are differences in the interest rates, fees and service that make some more attractive options than others.

Direct Lenders

Many payday lenders are actually third-party providers. They take applications and help consumers locate the best lending option for their personal situation. Because they don’t actually loan the money, they have to charge fees to their customers. Direct lenders set their own guidelines so they can provide approvals quickly. All a borrower needs to do is look the Moneyboat UK website to learn what they need to do to qualify for a short-term loan.

Customer Service

The way a company treats its customers can make a huge difference in the satisfaction a borrower has with their loan. The best lenders take the time to explain the process to potential borrowers and allows them to ask questions for clarification. Because direct lenders sell and service their own pay day loans, they understand everything about them and can provide all the information a borrower needs to make a decision.


There’s no question that payday loans are among the most expensive lending options today. However, some companies charge a lot more than others. People who need cash quickly may overlook the amount it will cost them on the back end but this is a mistake. Talking to more than one lender about their interest rates and fees will not harm a person’s chance of getting approved. In fact, taking the time to compare rates may even save them a significant amount of money. A reputable lender will provide all the information a potential borrower needs to make an informed decision.

Short term loans offer people the money they need quickly. Before signing for one of these quick loans, it’s important to do due diligence. They are not all create equal and choosing the wrong company could result in higher fees and bad service. Consumers should know that if they need to talk to someone, there is a person on the other end of the line ready to help them. Whether they need an extension for a payment or to get a new loan, a direct lender is the ideal choice.