Netgear EX7000 Range Extender Frequently Asked Questions

Alice Garten
Aug 26 · 3 min read

This particular article is completely based on the frequently asked questions for Netgear EX7000 range extender. The purpose of this article is to share the best information related to EX7000 model range extender.

  • How to reset or restore the Netgear EX7000 range extender to factory default settings?

There are two methods to reset your Netgear EX7000 device to factory default settings. The first method is the software method. Open the Add WPS client and choose the Maintenance and then select Backup setting page. Now click on the Erase button. A pop-up message asking you to confirm this erase command. Tap Yes to proceed.

Another method is the hardware method. With the help of a paper pin, press the reset button present on the rear panel and wait until the two Link rate LED and device to extender starts flickering. This will take 5 to 10 seconds. After that, release the button and wait till the range extender boots. Now login back with the default login credentials for again Netgear wifi extender setup and configuration.

  • Why there is a need to have the latest firmware of the Netgear device?

Having the latest Netgear extender firmware version will help you to increase the functionality, performance, and stability of your product. The latest and up-to-date firmware will likely to correct the old bugs and issues. It potentially adds new upgraded features within the product.

  • How to place the EX7000 range extender to achieve the best performance?

Check the Link Rate LED is orange or green to achieve the best performance. If still, you find the dead spot. Move EX7000 closer to the dead spot. Even you can try to rotate the two antennae to different directions to make sure if the dead spot can be removed.

  • What to do if forget or lost the password for the Netgear extender wireless network?

By default settings, the Netgear EX7000 range extender use the same password of your wireless home network. You need to log in to your existing router to get the password. If you have changed the extender’s password during the mywifiext smart setup, EX7000 does not have any kind of interface that let allow you to view the password. Therefore you need to reconfigure your EX7000 device through the smart setup.

  • What is Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)?

WPS is a standard for secure and easy formation of a wireless network. Traditionally, the users have to manually create a wireless network SSID name, and then manually mention the security key or password. But with the WPS, it will automatically configure the wireless network with an SSID and strong WPA data authentication and encryption.

  • What if there is no installation CD?

The Netgear EX7000 Wi-Fi range extender does not come with an installation CD. It is introduced with a new advance feature called genie smart wizard that helps you to configure the range extender. You can use your desktop or laptop to connect with the default SSID “NETGEAR_EXT” without any password for the very first time.

  • Does the EX7000 have compatibility issues with Wi-Fi routers?

Netgear EX7000 Wi-Fi range extender is a universal extender. So it is compatible with all WiFi routers.

Conclusion: In this particular FAQs section, we tried to cover the most asked question. If still, you have any query related to Netgear range extender, feel free to share with us through comments. We try to answer all your the queries related to Netgear extender.

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