5 Iconic Road Trips In Australia

Flying is, without a doubt, the fastest and most luxurious way of traveling which is loved by all most all the people globally, however as far as Australia is concerned, Road trips are believed to be enjoyed by the people more than that. That’s because Australia is home to some of the best roads in the world, which offer amazing views to people. While traveling through Australian roads, your eyes are bound to be glued to the windows as you will find the outside views truly interesting and mesmerizing. The main reason of why people love road trips in Australia is that the country is largely dominated by outback areas, and you cannot enjoy such places if you take a flight from one city to another. For enjoying those beautiful scenarios, you have to hit the roads of this vast and beautiful country.

Though it true that your ultimate goal remains to reach the destination, but when you can also get spectacular traveling experience during your journey there is absolutely no question of missing that. You can strengthen your traveling experience in Australia even more if you can manage to get hold of a self-drive Campervan.

Let’s take a look at some of the stunning road trips in Australia

Travel across the Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road

While talking about the best and most thrilling road trip experiences in Australia, it’s worth to mention the experience that is offered by the Great Ocean Road at the first place. The Great Ocean Road which is approximately 243 kilometers long, is home to amazing attractions including extraordinary natural views and Twelve Apostles.

The Great Ocean Road that falls in between two extremely beautiful Australian cities Torquay and Allansford, is one of the most crucial crowd pullers, as far as Australian tourism is concerned. That means a large number of people make a visit to the Grand Ocean Road every year for obtaining that awesome holidaying experience.

Explore the east coast of Tasmania via road

An apple orchard in the “Apple Isle”

The another interesting way of getting an iconic road trip experience in Australia is to discover the east coast of Tasmania via road. Make it sure that you plan a road trip straight from Hobart to the Bay of Fries, and I am sure there won’t be anything called disappointment in this trip. There is way too much to explore in the north coastline of Tasmania, as far as sandy beaches and turquoise water are concerned.

You can explore Freycinet Peninsula, Maria Island, and Wineglass Bay if you are actually ready for this trip.

Discover the journey from Cairns to Cape York

Lake Field Road

If you are a person who enjoys bush walking, camping, and watching wild, a self-drive road trip from Cairns to Cape York can prove to be really advantageous to you. When you hit the road, you will find magnificent views of waterfalls, lush green rain forests and wetlands etc. In addition to that, you will also notice strange outback roads and a variety of national parks on the way.

Explore the great Alpine Road

Grossg lockner High Alpine Road

The Great Alpine Road is another iconic roads in Australia and it runs from Wangaratta to Bairnsdale, offering striking views of Victorian Alps. If you love to explore winding mountain roads, then you must explore the Great Alpine Road of Australia.

Travel from Sydney to Brisbane via Road

Hawkesbury River road bridges

For obtaining that unforgettable driving experience, you are strictly recommended to hit the roads from Sydney to Brisbane. The highway on which you will be traveling is known as The Legendary Pacific Coast and on the way, you will find many beautiful tourist attractions and awesome national parks.