Deliberately Practice Language Learning using ChatGPT

Alice Heiman
3 min readJul 24


Photo by Anthony Choren on Unsplash

To get good at anything you must practice.

The most effective way to improve is through deliberate practice. It can be thought of as “actively practicing using your head”. It is a type of practice where you have a clear goal and receive rapid and intense feedback.

ChatGPT offers a brilliant way to deliberately practice a language. Here are some tips!

Practice Grammar

Prompt: Hi I’m revising my french grammar and want to practice. Could you provide me with 5 practice questions that I can solve and you correct?

Instantly, I got a small language test. Then, I could write out my answers in the following format:

Q1: answer Q2: answer …

Then, I got instant feedback on what I did right or wrong.

I could then ask about a specific question to get more context and brush up my grammar.

And here is another example:

Practice Writing

Prompt: Merci! Maintenant, je veux pratiquer écriver un peu. Est-ce que vous pouvez me poser un question pour que je réponde, et puis vous pouvez me corriger mon écriture?

The best thing however was doing interactive writing. I asked ChatGPT to give me a small writing prompt. Then, I answered with a small text that ChatGPT then corrected for me!

Putting the final version into Reverso for checking, it found no errors on the ChatGPT text:


This is deliberate practice at play! You can make ChatGPT help you study your weaknesses and harness it powers to become better at your language!

Happy learning!