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Alice Hlidkova
Jan 22, 2018 · 5 min read

The Future of Opportunity Has Arrived.

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Over 30 extremely talented people have gathered from around the world to contribute to a cause bigger than themselves.

We are calling it “The Future of Opportunity”


We are looking to change the way that startups and entrepreneurs raise capital and get exposure throughout the world.

Entrepreneurs will be able to “pitch” accredited investors LIVE on our App.

Imagine Shark Tank meets Kickstarter on a live video platform. But unlike Shark Tank & Kickstarter, PITCH allows the audience to ask questions live and even buy tokens from the project that’s pitching.


Since 2009, and starting with the creation of Bitcoin by an anonymous entity, the world has opened up to a whole new realm of opportunities only possible through disrupting the reliance on “trusted” third parties for all transactions. Third parties can be corrupted and downright abusive in their ploys to seize money and control, and now, through the emergence of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, they need not even exist.

Brave entrepreneurs the world over are now using this incredible technology, imagining new ways to make country-scale decisions, transfer real estate, handle tiny micropayments, lend money to people who don’t have access to traditional institutions, and even exploring entirely new methods of bootstrapping the creation of other innovative new tech.

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The applications and possibilities of what can now be created are endless.

This is Blockchain Technology. This is the future of opportunity…

…but it’s complicated and hard to discern the good opportunities from the lesser ones, especially as ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings) and token sales are launching with increasing frequency.


We are building a platform that makes it easy to get access to projects that issue tokens on blockchains. Watch as accomplished investors and experts in the field ask all the right questions on projects looking to sell their tokens to the public. If you like what you hear from the project, then you have the option to buy some of their tokens. Never before has such a thing been possible.

Our platform lets you play an active role in deciding what gets created in the now flourishing world of blockchain. It is unbiased and gives no less exposure to a team in a remote, internet-connected village than it would give to a team in Silicon Valley.


The new craze of cryptocurrencies, tokens, ICO’s, and blockchain technology, has seen an explosion of interest but there is a lack of education.

Our platform will allow for real startups/entrepreneurs, accredited investors, and experts to educate, inform, and even entertain live audiences in a space in dire need of such education.


Our team is nothing short of amazing, including some of the most talented and knowledgeable names throughout a variety of fields.

Our Core Team:
- Matthew Lally- Founder & Visionary
- Jonathan Foltz — Co-Founder & Visionary
- Rich Cavanaugh — Software Engineering Lead
- Matthew Smith — Investor Outreach & Strategic Positioning
- George Zhao — Senior Software Engineer
- Damien Coughlan — Community Architect and Operations
- Ben Malol — Social & Reach Architect
- Dimitris Skiadas — Analytics Expert
- Lawrence Aponte — Community Awareness & Outreach
- Umer Hadeed — Creative Director
- Alex Urban — Systems Analyst
- Ian Kilday — Project Management
- Tony OD Morera — Director of Videography & Cinematography
- Chris Knight — Operations & Sales
-Camilo Montanez — Brand Ambassador
- Karl Schuckert — Affiliate Relations Advisors
- Alice Hlidkova — Content Writer, PR & Outreach
- Ben Marcoux Funnel & Copywriting Expert
- Steven Talcott Smith — Technology Advisor and Senior Software Engineer
- Tiffany Mercedes Barzagaa — Content Creator
- Brandon Young — Strategic Advisor & Celebrity Outreach

Our Advisors:
-Justin Wu — Growth Advisor
-Adam Kemper — Legal Advisor
-Jeff Fagin — Financial & Team Building Advisor
-Imran Rahman — Communications Advisor
-Justin Rohrbach — Advisor

For more details on the team, please read the white paper for backgrounds.


Our Token Sale will go live to the public on February 28th.
We will be doing airdrops, whereby you can transfer our tokens to your secure wallet. We will also have specific instructions on how to do this.

You can find more information about the token sale on our white paper.

More details to come.


1.Join Our Facebook Community!

The PITCH Tribe will allow you to contribute to our project in a variety of forms:
-Ideas and collaborations
-Feedback and critique
-Affiliates and contributors
-Possible additions to our team

In our Facebook group, you can follow our progress and get updates on where we are.

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3. Watch “pitches” LIVE, engage with entrepreneurs/startups and investors, and follow our Official PITCH fan page.



Visit our WEBSITE.

Our Facebook community, PITCH TRIBE will keep you updated → tribe.pitch.ventures (@PitchTribe)

We will go live on Tuesday at 7PM EST in our group and a few of our personal pages to explain more about this project and how it got started.

LIVE HERE → tribe.pitch.ventures

We are very happy to present a new opportunity to the world.

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