I’m Going Caving?!

I was stood on take off, getting ready for a peaceful flight when I was told that I was going caving the following day. It seemed like I didn’t have a choice, I didn’t mind too much because let’s face it, I’ll try anything once.

The Lead Up

Rhys woke up at 8am to collect the harnesses we needed whilst I went to town to buy myself a 2 euro head torch. A few hours later, at the meeting point — just outside the picturesque village of Zahara — we, along with 4 others set off on the 30 minute walk to the entrance of the cave.

The walk to cave was relatively easy, however there were a couple of things that made me concerned about the cave;

- It collapsed 6 years ago and only reopened 2 week prior to our visit.

- We had to cross over private property to get to the entrance.

The Cave

Upon arrival to the cave I was shocked, horrified and left wondering whether I really wanted to go caving. The entrance was tiny!

After two of the group had gone down, I followed. It was incredibly scary and very claustrophobic. Knowing that this tunnel was the only way out didn’t make it any easier. I let out a huge sigh of relief once I made it to the first chamber. For me the hardest part was over.

As we continued through the cave, it became increasingly smaller and narrower. There were huge drops we had to avoid and abseils we had to go down. Two of the team turned back mid way through and the rest of us made it to a drop, where below was a small stream.

We had made it as far as we could in the cave however the experience was far from over. Shuffling through the tiny tunnels and climbing back up the walls we had previously abseiled down made me very sure that this was not something I’ll do anytime soon. Whilst crawling on our bellies we came across some rats, at this point I was just hoping for a swift exit from the cave.

Eventually I could see light, covered in mud with my head torch broken and plenty of GoPro footage I clambered back out of the cave and can honestly say that although the experience is not one I wish to do again anytime soon, however it was still good fun.

Going Home

I had thought the hard part was over, before heading off for the cave we had left the van parked in a disused campsite. When we arrived to collect the van the campsite was locked. We tried all sorts to get into the campsite;

- Picking the lock

- Jumping the fence

- Speaking to the neighbor

In the end we were given a telephone number of the owner. He was 40 minutes away in a neighboring village. He said he would come back to unlock the gate for us. But being on Spanish time we were waiting fro over 2 hours. When he cam we were relieved, hungry and incredibly happy to get back to the van. Next time I leave my van somewhere I will make sure that I am allowed to park there.


I can edit a video. The only problem is that I didn’t have any video editing software on my laptop. This was a joint video with Rhys. So we decided to use his mac and imovie software to do the editing. Trying to do this task together proved impossible. Both having different ways of working it led to argument after argument and finally we agreed that he edit a 10 minute version and I come in at the end and do the final tweaks. It worked well and we were able to use clips of the end of the day (the lock picking scene) at the start of the movie which added suspense.


Ultimtely I am really pleased with the outcome of the movie, especially because it is all shot on GoPro with little or no stabilizer. I feel that we have done a good job at making a modern day, caving video. Full length version here