Where is this train headed?

reinventing yourself
As I enter into this journey of bliss…freedom…uncertainty…self-doubt…wonder… — you get it! — what I’m discovering is that it’s a mixed bag of nuttiness!
There are moments I reside in utopia, and then times I can be found in my own dystopia.
So what do you do when you have closed a major chapter of your life — whether that’s having raised your kids, having ended a longstanding career, or having decided to walk the road alone — and aren’t sure what to do next? Start a blog, naturally, and hope to hell you can attain some sort of kinship and mutual support on figuring out where this train is headed.
So before they call “all aboard” and you choose to sit next to me for this ride, there’re a few things you should probably know…
If you saw me at your local grocery store, you wouldn’t give me a second glance. But if you saw me at a social event, I’m the one fluttering along, making sure everyone is having a great time. And if you saw me in my corporate world, I wielded my wand of leadership like it was a natural extension to my person.
I’m entering 50 at what seems to be a rapid speeds, closing a major chapter of living a corporate life for over two decades. Some like to call this faze “retirement” but I seriously oppose the word — but we will leave that for another post. Both of my children are grown and living their own lives, and my loving husband is currently building his empire as he closes in on 60.
I live in a beautiful home in an executive bedroom community where wildlife stop in for a while to rest and take in the deliciousness of the neighbor’s Saskatoon bushes.
I am a solid 89% happy and the other 11% is up for grabs — can be restlessness all the way to frustration, depends on the day, the circumstance, and sometimes none of the above.

So here I go into the unknown, feeling a bit like Alice in Wonderland and hoping I will have some travel companions along the way to share with, encourage each other, and experience reinventing ourselves together! 
Where are you on your journey? Have you met the mad hatter, gone down the rabbit hole, or are you simply walking along and exploring as you go? 
I would love to learn about your experiences here