7 Easy Steps To Barcode Your Products

If you wish to make it big in your business and industry, pay extra attention to the way you market your products. One of the most effective marketing way that most of the businesses today use is barcoding of products. It is due to barcodes printed on products and packages that potential customers can easily get relevant information about products and business by clicking the barcode and then using apps to decode the information.

However, you must take extra caution in bar coding your products properly to get advantage of this effective marketing method. Here are some key tips you should be following.

1. Ensure GS1 Complex Prefix — When using barcode generator to produce barcodes on your products, a first thing to ensure is to create the numbers that you will be inserting in your barcodes. These numbers are known also as GS1 Identification Keys. You can easily get these numbers from by applying to a GS1 Member Organization.

2. Get identification numbers — After you apply to GSI Member Organization and get a GSI Company Prefix, the next step using barcode creator is to give identification numbers to your products. You can get detailed information regarding assigning of the numbers from your local GS1 Member Organization.

3. Decide on barcode information type — What type of information do you want to barcode on your products. You can choose from static or dynamic information. When you wish to convey only a simple production identification number, then settle for static information but if you wish to give more information such as serial numbers on product label, then opt for dynamic information type

4. Format your text appropriately — Barcoding of text in correct format is crucial. This pertains to keeping a backup of the text so that it can be regained in case you lose it for any reason. So, make sure to print 12 digits below the UPC-A symbol, 13 digits below the EAN-13 Symbol and 8 digits below UPC-E and EAN-8 Symbols for proper formatting of your text when using online barcode generator.

5. Chose right color — Make sure that your barcode color is also perfect. Most of bars are in black and have a white background. But you can experiment with dark blue, dark brown, dark green also.

6. Select most visited place — Ensure that your barcode appears on places where most people visit to enjoy so that many of them can click on barcode. For example, bus stand is one such place where people wait for bus for longer time and they can click on your barcode that appears at reachable spot on your advertisement.

7. Ensure high quality — Make sure that your barcode print quality is great. It would be good to take a Bar Code Print Quality Test Specifications for Liner Symbols. This test will enable you to evaluate bar code symbol quality for print.

Hope that these considerations are helpful in creating barcodes in a better way when you use online barcode generator.