Top 10 Best Insurance Logos That Convey Trust & Reliability

Top 10 Best Insurance Logos That Convey Trust & Reliability

For any business, it is crucial to have a logo that conveys the message of trust and loyalty of the brand. But for an insurance company, it is a must that its logo brings a positive impact in the customers mind. It is one such business which demands a logo that not only entices people but also reflects the insurance company’s trustworthiness. People will invest their money in the insurance company only when they feel that the company is an honest one. People these days don’t trust anything that does not have a name in the market. And a logo plays a huge role in creating an image of the company in front of the investors. A good logo is an essential part of an insurance company’s marketing strategy as it makes them look trustworthy, professional and serious.

Considering their huge role, ideal insurance logos must be unique with the right color scheme to draw customer’s attention. You will find that most insurance brands generously use blue, white, yellow, green and orange colors. However, we will suggest you not to mimic competitors. Try and choose colors, shapes, icons and fonts that set your business apart. If your logos are in contrast with your competitors’ one, customers will easily identify your business and products. Your logo resembles everyone else’s, there are chances that your customers might confuse your product with some other company. It should be fresh, different and serious. An insurance company logo with bright pink color sends across a vibe that the company is not that serious professionally.

Also, don’t make your insurance company logo text heavy. Just focus on a single image that your customer can remember easily. A logo of a particular insurance company must evoke a sense of security, truthfulness, faithfulness, tranquillity and dignity amongst its customers. Have a look at some creative insurance logo designs that will surely inspire your creativity and provide you with an idea of what contemporary insurance logo designing trend is these days:

Encinitas Insurance Agency

Gatehouse Insurance

Guardians Insurance Group

Etalon Insurance

Kapaonik Insurance

Emanel Insurance Agency

We are sure that these insurance logos would have certainly left you surprised. The color combination and the icons have turned the logos nothing short of an enigma that slowly takes over a buyer’s mind. You must be now inspired to create a unique logo that has the capability to quickly gain recognition and make its own place in the market full of competitors. Though every insurance company serves to people from different strata of the society, a logo should be such that it helps even an onlooker to ascertain whether the company will be able to fulfil his needs or not.