Top 10 Mouth-Watering Bakery Logos That Tickle your Sweet Tooth

Baked By Betsy Logo Design

It’s time for cakes, pastries and sweets as Christmas is just around the corner! The smell of freshly baked cakes, pies or muffins are irresistible anyone at this point of the year. However not only is it important to have yummy and good quality cakes, your bakery logos should also prove to be as tempting as they are the ones that will attract more and more people to your website or shop and win hearts. Include the aroma of a good logo design in brochure or website of your bakery brand and see the magic it spreads!

It is always good to incorporate images that revolve around the brand. By just adding the right image or symbol (of cakes, pastries etc.), will be enough to tap into your customers’ senses and motivate them to choose your brand. However, make sure that it is unique and attractive so that it helps in distinguishing your brand from your competitors and make yourself heard. Like every logos conveys the message of its brand, a bakery logo should communicate the taste and quality of your products.

Creating a bakery logo is similar to baking. Rather than using sugar, flour and yeast, you will be using the power of color, images, and words. All of these, if in right proportions, will never fail to win over consumers in a heartbeat.
Though it’s not a bad idea to include images of cakes and pastries in the bakery logos, these have become pretty common. However, you often come across bakery logo designs that have image of a baker or baking utensils.
On the contrary, be careful while choosing images as dull, lifeless or bland images put forth a view of something that’s not fresh. As far as the colors are concerned, baker logos generally include shades of pink, brown, white, light blue and cheery pastels which employ a striped and multi-colored pattern. After going through these bakery logo designs, we are sure that you will use colors sparingly and in a perfect contrast so that the logo is pleasing to the senses.
Let’s have a look at top 9 mouth-watering bakery logos that will tickle your sweet tooth:

Clavdia’s Cupcakes
Let’s Bake Cupcake
Bake My Day
Cool Bird Bakery & Cafe
Rise Above Baking co
Sandbox Bakery
Wild Fire Bakery

We’re sure these creative and unique bakery logos would have made you understand how a well-thought of logo design can take your bakery business to new heights altogether. There are umpteen free and nominally priced online resources, if you are looking for some exclusive bakery business logo design. But do this, only if you’ve some time in hand and a keen eye for design.

However, if you don’t have the time or aptitude for graphic design work, it’s suggestible to seek a professional help. Remember, your logo design is the visual version of what your bakery business stands for. A great bakery logo design will encourage new customers to give your bakery products a chance. Now, that’s the kind of first impression you’ll want to create for your bakery business.