How to Admire Whisky Like a Gentleman?

For most of the people, whisky is nothing but an alcohol. They use it just as a drink and are least bothered about different flavors. But a true gentleman can easily differentiate between varied flavors, aromas and can tell a lot about whiskies. Do you also want to appreciate whisky like a pro and want to enjoy every flavor of it with full knowledge? Though there are no clear rules for it, but a few points given here will help you make whisky drinking experience more enjoyable.

Look: You can get to know a lot about any whisky by looking at its color. Usually, the darker is the color older is the drink. As the whisky gets its color by getting in contact with the oak barrel, the quality of barrel also affects the color. Whisky aged in already used barrels will not get as deep color as the one gets, which was aged in a new barrel.

Caution: Some new whiskies are also made by adding caramel coloring to make them look old.

Keep it one-on-one: To know the real taste of whiskies, try it without soda or any other fizzy drinks. It will help you recognize the real flavor of different whiskies. It can make you a pro at whisky flavor recognition without taking any whisky class. And make sure you just taste the whisky to find the true flavor; not drink it. Let the whisky stay in your mouth for a while to allow your tongue to coat it with the whisky and feel the taste. If you still just feel the alcohol, mix some water in it, but not soda or ice.

Smell: The aroma of your whisky can also give you some idea about its taste and flavor. So, bring your glass close to your nose and feel the aroma. Swirl your glass for a minute to segregate the alcohol smell from the real aroma of oak and the whisky flavor.

The label: One question, how often do you check labels on your whisky bottles? I don’t think people bother about it, but the truth is that the whisky label can tell you a lot about it.

Whisky or Whiskey?

Carefully check the spelling used on the bottle. The spelling of whisky differs as per the country of origin. For instance, most of the American whiskies like bourbon and rye are spelled as “Whiskey” — including “e” while Scotch and Canadian whiskies miss “e” in their spellings.

Age of the whisky:

The age of a whisky is defined by the time it has spent in barrel, not the bottle. So if you read a distillery combination of 12, 15 and 18 years on the label, the whisky is actually 12 years old.

So are you ready to experience the best whiskies as a pro?

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