Calling all esport gamers, fans, viewers, and diehards!

Streaming live from London, November 13th at 8:30pm GMT is NOW TV’s 2017 Esports Industry Awards event. Tune in to see the movers and shakers of competitive gaming — Recognition will be given players, game publishers, media, hardware providers, live events organizers, and personalities.

Esports competition is, at it’s very core, about showcasing excellence and shining the spotlight on the very best in each community but what happens once the lights fade, the stage is packed away and the process starts again for another tournament, another game, another group of players? This…

We’re less than a month away from the kickoff of TwitchCon 2017, the best and biggest Twitch celebration of the year. If you haven’t snagged a ticket yet, you’re playing with fire, my friends.

But why should you go to TwitchCon? Maybe you haven’t heard about (deep breath…) the meet and greets, the community-led sessions, the live Streamer Zone, the arcade, the gaming tournaments, the $70,000 cosplay contest, the Artist Alley, the Bob Ross paint-along, the ridiculous party…

The hardest part of TwitchCon isn’t finding things to do, it’s deciding what to do with only three days. …

The search for a great stream is something that everyone on Twitch can relate to. Right now, many viewers find new streamers by happenstance — through a Reddit thread, or a Tweet from a favorite streamer, or maybe from a hosted stream on a Twitch channel page. Discovering new streams is a part of what makes exploring Twitch so fun and rewarding. And now we’re making it even easier for viewers and streamers to connect to the content that most interests them.

Introducing the beta release of Communities. Communities are a new discovery tool to help streamers connect to the…

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to start getting hype for the holidays. With the holidays comes lots of well wishes, eggnog, stockings, candy canes, and of course the real star of the season, gifts. This year Twitch has baked up some extra special goodies for you and everyone on your holiday shopping list. First, introducing the 2016 Twitch Holiday Shirt!

It’s the best way to spread a little Twitch cheer AND you’ll be helping out some great charities. All proceeds from sales of our holiday shirt will be going to Extra Life and St…

With tickets selling out faster than you can say, “loot box”, there’s no need to fret because you can still enjoy BlizzCon 2016 without being there in person. Blizzard promises that this year’s event will be the most exciting yet, and Twitch — with exclusive rewards and the only destination for foreign language streams — is where you’ll want to be to catch all the action!

The fun begins with Opening Week on October 26–31, where the best teams and players you’ve been following all year are competing against one another for a chance to win big on the BlizzCon…

We want you and your friends to join us at TwitchCon! So, we’re announcing a referral program for all TwitchCon ticket-buyers that rewards you when your friends buy TwitchCon tickets using your referral link.
Your ticket can become cheaper or even free if you get enough friends (or frenemies) to join you at TwitchCon!
If you haven’t got a ticket yet, get one here.

How it works

When you purchase your ticket, you will receive an email confirmation with a unique referral link to share via social, email, chat, carrier pigeon, or your next stream.

3 friends buy tickets = 25% refund
5 friends…

I got you didn’t I? Well, you know, there are a million things one can do to acquire clicks. This is a short, completely off the top of my head post I thought would be essential for aspiring social media gurus. I haven’t run this through some sort of A/B test or done vigorous experiments but I will show you this graph:

A Graph


One of the easiest ways I recommend is to include a photo of a cat and/or something inappropriate. Some sort of human face looking at you is also a good idea. People love faces, it’s wired in our…

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