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We Must Matter

(A Designers First Manifesto)

Life is inherently lonely; the most fulfilling answer to our loneliness is in the form of connections. Connections through people, experiences, moments and our environment. Without these connections we remain inside ourselves.

Through authentic expression we are able to reach outside of our bodies, to let other people see bits and pieces of us in a filtered way.

The filter is our method of expression. How shall I choose to express myself? What will I express? At the end of the day, our expression is what we want to tell the world. What is our message? Are the people worthy of our message? Will they understand it? Does it matter if they do?

It does not matter if the message is understood, it’s through the process of creating that message that we really get somewhere, that we learn something about ourselves and the world around us. Its the act of allowing people into our minds, the choice to be vulnerable and susceptible to judgment, disagreement and criticism. The choice to add something, tiny or big, is the choice to participate.

To participate is to start a conversation.

To make the choice not to participate is to be passive, to be passive is to be ignorant, cowardly, weak. If we are given the opportunity in life to participate, in conversation, in art, in relationships, in life, in our environment, how could we pass this opportunity up? To allow it to slip away is to ignore the very purpose of our very being.

Our being is controlled by our mind.

Our minds tell us what to do, and they are telling us to make. And so make we must. With our voice. With our hands. With our eyes and our ears. With each other. Because expression is more meaningful when being received.

Our minds are made to make. And so make we must.

But do we owe it to the world to make something that matters? Something that can truly make a difference?

We don’t owe the world anything. But we do owe it to ourselves.

Maybe in our efforts we won’t make a huge difference, maybe we will only touch a few, but if we touch those few, and they touch others, and those others touch many, and many touch more then what has our impact become? Maybe we can make a bigger difference by doing something small. By delivering something with a softer voice that will speak loudly to some.

We must make with meaning, we must make things that matter, we must destroy built in obsolescence and demand quality. We must be vulnerable. We must be willing to express. We must look deeper, think deeper and be deeper. We must speak out, we must speak loud and sometimes, we must be quiet.

We must make but we must also make things that matter.

We must matter. We must try. We must.

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