Why NEM is more beneficial than Etherium

The blockchain is without a doubt a very promising set of systems when it comes to the building of modern day infrastructures and creating entire basses for websites, defending the data and much more. It has also been the vital part of transactions related to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that are gaining momentum as we speak. Up until recently, Etherium was the blockchain platform with no equals, we’ve been using it and it served very well. But now it got a credible competitor in the form of NEM (New Economy Movement). And we’d like to dedicate this article to discussing why we believe that, while Etherium is still great, NEM despite being relatively young (it’s established in 2015) is already ahead of many peers, and is way more beneficial for our site may replace it as a major blockchain in the foreseeable future.

The first advantage NEM has over Etherium is its phenomenal speed and performance power. It indeed runs significantly faster and sustains far fewer crashes than not just Etherium, but any of the other knowns competes. NEM is able to complete up to 120 transaction requests per minute which are actually six times more than that of Etherium. Unlike its predecessor the NEM system is also more error proof (we’ll talk more about it later in the text) and upon some system crashes may take minutes to fix it all and proceed to work, Nem gets back on track merely instantly, and the performance of NEM is about to only increase in time as this exciting system gets more popularity.

Then the next point is, of course, the pricing. Etherium is extremely, ridiculously overpriced (at 2018) and all of it because it consumes an awful lot of taxes and energy as its fuel. Surely, the management assured us that they’re working on that, and indeed some results of this work are visible right now, and that’s absolutely worth admiration in some way. But as many people say, the time is money. NEM, on the other hand, due to its nature and the software it uses is way cheaper and also way less energy consuming, which coincidentally also makes it more ecologically friendly.

Security is another important part of running a site. And in this case, both of the blockchains provide a top-notch protection, guaranteeing maximum defence to sensitive and personal data, so as far as this point goes, we can safely recommend them both. Yet NEM still has a slight edge here. This is due to the fact that NEM bases its decentralized system on codes, unlike Etherium that does it with contracts. That aspect if NEM also makes it an easier system to use and deploy.

Another major advantage of NEM worth addressing in our article is, of course, its technical compatibility. NEM is developed with the help of Java-script, which has proven to be way ahead of “traditional” smart-contracts, that many blockchain projects (Etherium included use). The Java-based foundation allows NEM to get integrated into any site or another system painlessly, effectively and what’s even more important quickly, not to mention it helps to avoid a lot of system errors, lags and server crashes. It also features a richer library, giving the users more options for creating the site and filling it with great content.

So that was our reasons why we believe that NEM is a superior alternative to Etherium and why it can steal its spotlight as the undisputed leader by taking over the crypto-space game as we know it and come to help to millions of companies and sites including our own. It’s way beneficial in terms of expenses, protection, speed compatibility and performance power. Of course, there are more pros to this up and coming novelty of a system that we didn’t mention. Now does it mean that there’s no place for Etherium in this business? Not necessary. Despite all its flaws Etherium is still an excellent system, and for sake of objectivity it is worth mentioning that it has an advantage compared to NEM in a sense that it is capable of performing more big scale operations, and therefore it will definitely be great for many sites for at least few more years. But for now, NEM’s prospects of getting the spot of the leader should not be underestimated.