Twitter recently moved to algorithmic filtering of the news feed

53% don’t realise their news feeds are biased

Cronycle conducted a poll on Twitter to find out if people knew how their Facebook newsfeed is curated. There is a perception that news feeds on social platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook are reverse chronological. That is, you have the opportunity to see everything that has been posted by your contacts.

However, this is not the case. Facebook employs a complicated algorithm based on who you’ve stalked recently, which posts you normally like as well as sponsored posts which they believe you may enjoy. Your newsfeed is doctored by an algorithm which an engineer controls.

Here is an excellent article from Slate which explains exactly how it happens.

Out of 1,762 people who voted on our poll, 53% didn’t realise this was the case.

Twitter generally has a digitally savvy audience, so these results will be skewed. We believe a greater percentage are unaware their newsfeed is biased and does not serve them information they have opted in to see.

Although few people rely on Facebook to find professional information and articles, this algorithmic filtering model is starting to infiltrate other news platforms. For example, Twitter recently announced a move to an algorithmic model.

Access to information is extremely important

Access to information is extremely important — in order to control what people think, you just have to stop their access to new ideas.

As a result, I believe that algorithmic filtering is extremely dangerous. Is this something you agree with too?