Oral pleasure during sex is all about feeling your partner’s liquids and giving them the best climax possible. Rumor has it that only some women can squirt well when they experience an orgasm, but this is not true.

Sex toys singapore have revolutionized clitoral stimulation and can help with squirting. Doing the right things and at stimulating her at the right places can make her squirt like never before. Learn a few tips on how to make your girl squirt.

Locate and stimulate her G-spot

Stimulation of the G-spot is said to be a better way to make her squirt than penile penetration or playing with the nipples. Start with a little foreplay, which may include stimulating her clitoris. As soon as she gets excited, you can use your fingers and continue licking if possible. Reach for a soft ball of skin inside the vagina and start stroking it. This is the G-spot. If she orgasms with slowly gushing liquid, she has squirted. However, you will need to wait if she squirts with great pressure as the vaginal area will have become sensitive.

Lubricate the clitoral area well

This can be done by licking the clitoris too, since women have as many nerve endings in this area as men do. Many people use oil-based lube but it can be messy and damage the condom. Just visit a good online sex toys shop, and get a stimulating gel that can make the clitoris more sensitive to vibration and touching. While you’re at it, get a G-spot vibrator as well.

Sex toys can make her squirt

Apart from vibrators for the G-spot, rabbits and small-sized dildos can also help with titillating her senses. Using vibrators to massage and stimulate her G-spot helps you concentrate on caressing the rest of her body and make her feel loved. The constant, rhythmic motion of the vibrator will make her squirt more easily. You can also consider using stainless steel dildos.

Use these techniques to make her squirt

• Apply sufficient lube on all your fingers and the palm. Cup her clitoris as you insert your ring and middle fingers inside. Use a ‘come here’ motion and follow it up with a circular motion. Now, lock the hand and the wrist and point the fingers towards the G-spot.

• Use both your hands to make her squirt heavily. Apply lube on both hands. Use the first hand to apply pressure and stimulate the clitoris. With the other hand, use a scooping motion and put firm pressure all around the G-spot.

• Try the improved missionary angle. The CAT (Coital Alignment Technique) is an improved version of the missionary position that helps achieve better and faster clitoral orgasm. This position requires the man to thrust himself into the woman from a higher angle. The key is to push the penis against the clitoris even as the woman wraps her legs around yours. Make maximum clitoral contact and instead of merely thrusting, try to move back and forth.

Remember that squirting takes time, so do not rush it. You would also need to prepare in advance to look and smell your best.

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