A Guide to The Best Art Blogs

Alice Olivia Writes
4 min readJul 3, 2020

This is a shout to all the art lovers!

To the appreciators and the collectors, the self-conscious beginners and the multi-media experts, to all the photographers, sculptors, knitters and sketchers, for anyone who proudly professes to have a ‘good eye’ for artistic talent — well, here for your pleasure are the best 5 Art Blogs circling the blogosphere!

Read and explore!

1. Art Gallery Blog

To start off with a very strong contestant, the Art Gallery blog is an assault on the senses when it bursts onto your computer screen (in a good way though!). Filled with colourful portraits from hundreds of artists and links and tabs vying for attention to guide you around the site, this blog is very confident in itself and in its knowledge of what the average site visitor is expecting. This blog a complete mix of all different kinds of paintings, drawings, and graphic work, and the styles vary greatly. It stretches from the ultra-contemporary with pieces such as Wojtek Gabriel’s Vampire Queen After Breakfast, to timeless classical styles like Stuart Parnell’s Shades of Spring. Easy, in-depth, and detailed, this site is definitely one of the higher quality art blogs on the internet. Also, the icing on the cake — all artworks featured on the site are for sale too!

2. Tate Blog

Oh dearest England, where would she be without the Tate Modern? Queen of the London art world, this is a blog definitely not to be missed by the progressive artist. Essentially an internet extension of their famous gallery, here can be seen the biggest, the best, and the newest names in the world of art. Focused single-mindedly on the contemporary, this blog is filled to the brim with showcased talent and interesting discussion of all things modern-arty. They also feature articles exploring the future and history of art, its progression and evolving nature, as well as showing art-based literature and poetry too. This is not a blog to ignore lightly.

3. Art Daily

What is interesting about this blog is that, alongside its commitment to art, it also emphasises the importance of the artist themselves. If an artist’s name is clicked on, the site immediately whisks the web-surfer away to Wikipedia so they can read up on the life and times of that particular artist. It is a nice touch, especially if any aspiring wanna-be artists out there are doubting their art skills. They can find solace in the eventual success of other originally underappreciated artists. This blog essentially acts as a gateway to the websites of the artists themselves, so you can go through that artist’s website and find out all about their works, exhibitions, and philosophies on life. Links are also provided to museums, galleries, art auctions, and exhibitions all over the world. The scope of this blog is vast. From the15th century long-since-dead artists to the energetic progressive artist who gave an exhibition just last week, this blog encompasses all.

4. Arrested Motion

Even the name makes you want to stop and stare. Gritty and brave, this blog notes primarily the front-runners of street art. It displays especially those who seem to revel in innovative mediums for artistic expression, including facades which they rebuild strangely, gangways becoming a canvas for graffiti, and screens, windows, and even trees are hijacked in the name of art. This blog has no qualms about exploring the nature of beauty and the grotesque and challenges the meaning of ‘sanctioned’ art. Extremely interesting and eye-opening about the world we currently live in, this blog parkour’s to the lead in art blogging excellence.

5. C-Monster

Concluding with a bang, here comes C-Monster. A monomaniac for ‘weird’ art, this is a monolith, particularly for American artwork. Ever attentive, it keeps updated calendar lists of exhibitions of interest, and also shows on the site glimpses of some of the advanced and liberal artwork currently making ripples in the American art landscape. From displays of strange plants in glass boxes balanced on top of each other, to smashed windows and an architect’s notebook, C-Monster is a crazy mesh of art, life, and chaos. It contains hundreds of links taking you to ever-increasingly curious specimens of art — you cannot be bored scrolling through C-Monster. Colourful, and a breath of fresh air, it takes its place in the top 5 best art blogs with enviable ease.

Of course for the avid art lover there is a veritable universe of art blogs to eat up out there on the web, but to help you focus your search, these are the ones which I, as an art lover myself, felt stuck out from the crowd. Go on, have a scroll through — explore them, discover them, and give us your thoughts on these eccentric and wonderful blogs!