It’s Not What You Know, but Who You Know

All of us are familiar with the adage that it’s not what you know, but who you know. It may not be a universal truth. But more often than not having a strong network trumps the effects of having strong knowledge and skills. So, we can surely not discard the importance of skill and competency but we can surely say that knowing the people who matter at the right time helps your skills and knowledge to be put into valuable action. The people who excel in networking know this as a networking fact.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive in for engaging in active networking to make the most use of what you know. Follow these networking facts and tips to increase the potential of ‘who you know’.

Some Networking Facts
Dozens of surveys conducted in recent years have pointed out the importance of networking, referral marketing or word of mouth marketing, whatever you may like to call it. Basically, these all fall within the umbrellas of networking. And as a networking fact, more than 80% percent of business comes from referrals or word of mouth according to a survey conducted by Verizon.

And another very important networking fact is that networking increases the power of knowledge and resources through sharing. It is natural that when you network with people and engage in helping each other the impact of shared resources and contacts will turn out to be a huge influence on your business.
At least 85% of all jobs are not published and hires are based on networking according to research conducted by The Adler Group. This networking fact once again proves the impact that effective networking skills can have on businesses and individuals.

As I have already said that networking and referral marketing is basically the same thing, networking is the only sure shot way to boost up referrals for your business. Networking is the way through which referral marketing is conducted. You increase, spread and strengthen your referral network to gain more referrals. It is as simple as that.

So, as a networking fact, it is well established that you have to engage in active and conscious networking for growing your business.

Know Your Networking Goals
But before starting your business networking you should set your networking goals. Networking means meeting new people and forming meaningful connections with them. What will be your goals for meeting new people? It should not only be to reap the benefits from your contacts but you have to set a goal of helping others as well. Only through mutually helpful attitude, a network can reach the most successful point.

Hearty Engagement
Knowing and networking with people is not merely collecting business cards it is about making a connection. So, engage with authentic interest. Not just listen but listen to help.

Best Places to Network
Find out the best places and events to network for business purposes. Don’t just start talking with people about your business where the other party is not interested or not in the mood. Wait for the occasion and the right atmosphere. Best networking events are workshops, seminars, political events, social events, etc.

Some Networking Tips
Learn the art of introductions and greetings. These are subtle arts that just can’t be explained here, you have to put your efforts in decoding the human conduct. Avoid talking about religions and political beliefs. Avoid talking about kids, unless both the parties have them and interested in talking about them. Try to address using their names that would show interest and companionship. Ask for the name as soon as possible, if you have forgotten it. Don’t hesitate, be frank and friendly.

Building contacts and connections is a slow and steady process. It needs patience. You have to keep following up your contacts. Connect with them after initial introduction. You can start by getting connected through social channels like LinkedIn and NetProReferral.

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