Tips to Help Kids Overcome Fear of Dentists

Alice Raynott
Jan 31, 2018 · 3 min read

It is natural for kids to fear the visits to the dentists. Even adults at times show signs of dental phobia. After all, who likes various kinds of metallic instruments to be put inside their mouth? And when it comes to kids, feeling afraid of such a thing is quite obvious.

But, there is nothing to worry. You can help your kids overcome fear of dentists by taking some simple steps.

Start Early:

To make visits to dentists a normal, regular and habitual activity you should start taking your child to dentists as soon as their first tooth starts to come out. Taking your child to dentist appointments from a very early age will not only help kids to overcome the fear of dentists but also help to form the good habit of getting regular dental checkups when they grow up.

Make It Fun:

Portray the visit to the dentist in a fun manner. Avoid all the fearful words like shots, hurt or pain. Instead, tell them simple and fun things like it will make them have a great smile; the dentist will just count their teeth and get them cleaned for beautiful oral health. Saying these simple and fun yet inspirational things will help your kid to overcome the fear of dentists.

Role Play:

Another very effective thing that you can do to help your kid overcome the fear of dentists is to do some role-playing before actually going for the appointment. You engage them in the role playing game and be the dentist yourself. Tell them to sit on a chair comfortably and act as if you are fixing their teeth. That way it will help to normalize the whole thing.

Read Fun Books about Dentists:

There are lots of children’s books that portray a visit to the dentist in a realistic yet fun manner that will help your kids to overcome the fear of dentists. The books present a visit to the dentist with illustrations and kids’ favorite cartoon characters that will make your kids to finally desire to go to see a dentist. You can also try similar YouTube videos intended to bring about the same effects.


Try to educate your child about the necessities of going to the dentists from a very early age. Tell them in simple and inspiring words like they will have great and strong teeth all their lives. They will be able to eat whatever they like etc.

Go Painless:

Opt for dentists who offer advanced painless technology like laser technology and others methods for making it as painless as possible for your kids. Research all the dentists in your area to find out the most advanced practitioner.

Be Prepared for Tantrums:

In spite of adopting all the measures, at the actual time of a dental procedure done on your child, they may start crying and throwing tantrums. So, you should always be prepared for it. Have their favorite toys and other such things at hand to soothe and distract them in case they start throwing a tantrum. Above all, have faith in your dentist and be calm yourself. Your dentist is well aware of such situations and knows exactly how to handle them.

These are the most effective tips and strategies to help your kid overcome the fear of dentists. Follow these and hopefully, they will never be afraid for their next dentist appointment.

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