Five Reasons Why You Should Fly With Emirates

Emirates is one such airline that not only aims to satisfy all the needs of the passengers, but also strives to delight them. With unparalleled reputation and exceptional service, Emirates has earned a coveted spot in the airline industry. The Dubai based airline is among the fastest growing airlines of the world and features an impressive fleet of airplanes. The fleet constitutes of the ultramodern Airbus A 380s and the Boeing 777’s which ensures that you have a world class flying experience each time. Here are some more reasons why you should book your next flight with emirates.

Robust Network:- Emirates has an extensive connectivity to several locations across the world. It operates flights to all the major cities of the world. Besides, the airline also has a number of international affiliations with other airlines, to ensure that even the most exotic locales are covered under its network.

Reasonable Pricing:- Although emirates flight tickets are not the cheapest ones in the market, it is not expensive either. The prices charged by the airline is at par with the quality of services provided to its passengers. To get the best rates for emirates, you can book your flight tickets through travel websites such as Musafir. The airline also runs excellent promotional offers from time to time.

Comfortable Seating:- Emirates passengers need not compromise on comfort even while travelling by economy class. The airline has revamped its economy class seating to make its passengers feel more comfortable during their journeys.

Inflight Entertainment:- No other airline can match up to the entertainment system of emirates known as ICE. The ICE has been voted as the best inflight entertainment for 10 years in a row. Emirates was also the pioneering airline to offer on-board internet connectivity to its passengers. Earlier, internet connectivity was only available for the business class passengers. However, this service is now available to the economy class passengers as well.

On-Board Meals:- Emirates is renowned for the excellent quality of food served on-board. A delectable variety of cuisines are available on board, but the selection depends on the location you are flying to. You can also avail services like bar on wheels which serves alcoholic items such as Beer, aperitifs, wine, whisky, vodka etc.

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