Select a Bike Insurance Plan Wisely

When it comes to purchasing bike insurance, there is a large section of people who tend to underestimate its value. Sure, it is a compulsion made by the Government, however, many overlook the great amount of protection it offers. This should be evident from the fact itself that bike insurance is mandatory for everyone in the country. Amidst the growing number of accidents that take place on Indian roads, bike insurance should rather be given utmost importance. Instead of trying to save money while buying it, think of the best ways to take advantage of it.

Rohit had purchased the first bike of his life. Since it was the first vehicle he purchased for himself, he was reluctant on spending money on bike insurance that did not fit his budget. Although he was aware of the importance of bike insurance, he chose to ignore the fact that selecting a particular type of bike insurance made any difference. Between third party bike insurance and comprehensive bike insurance plan, he selected the former. Although the insurance expert clearly stated its importance to him, he was confident about opting for third party bike insurance plan only.

One of the days, Rohit felt like going on a bike ride and little did he know that he would meet with an accident. At one of the turns, Rohit’s bike clashed with another person’s bike resulting in injury as well as damage for both the parties. Although Rohit was covered for third party, he had to bear the cost of his own physical injury and damage to his own bike by himself. The insurance plan only provided coverage for third party, just as Rohit had chosen. After this incident, Rohit realized that he should have certainly opted for comprehensive bike insurance than the third party insurance.

In the process of trying to save up on a few bucks, people actually end up spending more. Therefore, bike insurance is not something that should be treated as a formality. It is essential to understand the type of protection it offers. The best way is to seek advice from the insurance expert, check with your friends and others who own a bike about the type of insurance plan to buy. Moreover, it is important to select the right insurance provider who offers quality services and a hassle-free experience to all its customers.