Buying a Student Travel Insurance? Here is What You Need to Know

Are you planning to leave your home country to pursue higher education? These days it’s quite common. As much as going abroad fascinates you, it is important that you prepare yourself for all the challenges you are going to face while in abroad. One of the most important parts in preparations is buying a student travel insurance policy.

With numerous international travel insurance providers, it is difficult to select the right policy. Some students end up buying the regular travel policy instead of a student travel insurance while some think of buying a policy as an unnecessary expense.

Let us understand why it is better for you to buy a student policy than the regular one also what all things you need to consider buying making a purchase:

A travel insurance policy provides protection during your trip and lapses as soon as you end the trip. However, a student travel insurance policy offers more extensive coverage options. It will cover you as long as you are pursuing your education in the foreign country.

A student cover will provide all types of medical and non-medical assistance. It will also compensate you if you happen to lose your personal belongings on your trip. Below mentioned is the list of things you need to keep a check on before buying a student insurance policy:

  • Students going abroad from India should consider buying a policy from India itself. There are various providers in India that offer efficient coverage for your trip. Also, it is much cheaper to avail it from India than any other country.
  • Often there are sub-limits in insurance policies. Some of the policies will not cover medical expenses such as diagnostic tests, ambulance expenses, hospitalization expenses etc. Make sure you do not end up buying such a policy.
  • Always check out previous claim settlement records of your insurance provider.
  • Make sure, there is no threat to your financial security. Because the only thing you should worry about is grades.