Jewelry: a symbol of prestige for every woman

Since prehistoric times, jewelry has been a substance of yearning and enticed by all the womenfolk from all junctions of the world and from all walks of life. From diamond embossed crowns of Queen of England to the bone jewelry that was used by the African tribal ladies, jewelry has inoculated into the deep roots of a female’s heart. The longing to wear jewelry dates back to the inception of mankind. For thousands of years, both males and females have been beautifying themselves with jewelry made from a swarm of diverse materials from bone and wood to valuable metals and stones and for innumerable reasons, for showing off their status in the society, for representing their affluence and also to surge their attractiveness.

Significance of jewelry since the ancient time

The word jewelry is derived from Latin word “jocale”, which means plaything. The history and prominence of jewelry relates to thousands of years back. The first signs of jewelry were found around 40,000 years back. In earliest times, jewelry was used to be prepared from bone, animal teeth, wood, shells, carved pebbles, etc. people used to wear it to add a charm to their persona. Apart from practical use, jewelry was a representation of prosperity, prestige and relationship. In fact, the weddings have a special connection with the significance of jewelry. It is said that a bride with beautiful jewelry is sure to look the prettiest woman on earth on the wedding day.

With the developing inflow of designer or art jewels, people not only love to wear it but also don`t mind expending extravagantly on it. Such designs are made with gemstones and precious stones, and they are set into valuable metals like gold, silver, platinum and white gold. Not all jewelry has to be made out of silver or gold; there are other innovative ways to add a more beautifying look. Woody beads, shell beads and bone beads can be used in this regards.

Indian jewelry: a symbol of magnificence

Styles and fashions change with whirlwind speed as jewelry stylists strive to produce better designs with every period. Jewelry is now a form of individual expression and the multiplicity in styles and designs will only carry on amplifying in future. India is a prosperous creator of exceptional ornaments. The inheritance of ornament creation has been passed down from one epoch to another. The changeability in Indian jewelries is outstandingly commendable. With so many motifs, designs and patterns, the Indian jewelry can surely make a woman beautiful. People just drool over these pieces of radiance and elegance. Ethnicity and modern-day fashion is so pleasantly merged in Indian jewelry that the beholder is lured by the very sight of them. From ethnic jewellery to silver, gold, polki, kundan, lac, pearl and shell jewelry, everything is liked by the jewelry freaks. Moreover, bone jewelry India is also famous.

These days, many people support the idea of purchasing jewelry through online outlets. In fact, many even opt to buy handicrafts online as a lot of options of the same are available on the internet.

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