Guide to Choosing the Best Telephony System

Alice Stewart
Dec 12, 2017 · 3 min read
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As you look for the best way to enhance your business communication, you also have to consider the best channel to use to pass the message to the right personality at the right time conveniently. You should, therefore, have the requisite tips to guide you on how to buythe best telephony system for your business. This guide takes you through several considerations which you should make when choosing your next business phone system. Here are the highlights guiding you on either how to buy an ideal telephony system or how to improve on the one which you already have.

The choice of your telephony system should be determined by your business communications needs where you can go for a complete Avaya PBX system which has physical office telephones or the virtual phone service which depend on the mobile gadgets among other factors as outlined below.

Second depending on the kind which you want, you can either go traditional landline telephone service provided by the regional or local company or the VoIP system which runs over the internet and provided by several providers.

For the VoIP, you can either select a system that is hosted in your business, or you can go for the one which is hosted by the service provider. These are the critical questions which are very well analyzed by this piece.

To start with the VoIP makes it easy for the workers working remotely to be connected to the business phone line via their personal phones; home phones or cellar phone. They are outstanding in forwarding calls; calls from the customers can be directed to the right employee with a lot of ease. With this you don’t keep customers long on the line waiting for their calls to be forwarded to the right department or employee. Besides, the PABX Systems automates various features like call forwarding, call screening, voicemail, and automated receptionist. It makes it easy for the remote workers to access a variety of phone system that homes phones and mobile phones don’t have hence making it possible even for the remote employees to give your business the professional image. It is therefore very ideal for companies with large group of remote workers or the sole proprietor businesses.

The second system is the traditional landline systems; in other words, these are the landlines. This requires one to have a PBX software in his or her premises. A PBX software is used to create multiple extensions and allow phone system features like call directories and call transferring Courtesy of the modern technology, these line have been improved to hybrid VoIP. Although a majority of the service providers are facing out these traditional telephony systems, customers still believe them because they have been tried and tested for a very long time. They are ideal for large firms which are capable of meeting the in-house IT staff to manage and maintain them and for the businesses without high-speed internet access, they are also a sound selection,

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