The Future of Telecommunications-IP Telephony

Alice Stewart
Dec 12, 2017 · 2 min read

Given the cheap nature and the efficiency that it comes with, IP telephony is surely the next big stage of play for telecommunications. Due to the fact that IP telephony is via the internet, it affords the benefit of having a wider coverage as compared to the other modes of telecommunications of the traditional style, going all across the world. It has eve served to make communication better in the sense that it will allow you to send information in a lot different formats and styles such as the texts video images and even the normal voice messages. Basically what IP telephony requires of the two parties in the communication is internet access. On top of this is the fact that IP telephony will enable a business make a great deal with its communications needs while at the same time really saving lots of money on such related expenditure items. You will see the efficiency of your service delivery improving greatly due to the increased sped of communication. There will be enabled communication between the computers and that between the computers and the telephones with the IP telephony.

One of the companies which pioneered the telecommunications industry was Avaya amongst the others. At these companies which pioneered this telephony world, you will be able to find a number of telephony products. PBX products are nowadays compliant of the IP capabilities. Avaya PBX is known for having a better telephone management capability, with better networking and also messaging and call distribution capabilities. For top notch quality IP services to customers, the existing PBX systems are to be upgraded regularly as it is often the case at Avaya. A company can opt to integrate the existing network infrastructure with the Yealink systems as a step to help them improve their performance.

Better still, we are seeing a lot of products still being innovated by the telephony companies which all but serve to make the industry a lot more illustrious and offering their clients real value based services. Some of the products are such as those which have amazing call processing and associate to associate VOIP connectivity. Some of the qualities of the VoIP PBX systems are such as greater system capacity, a larger traffic capacity, faster processors, higher memory and so on and so forth. They are as well made to be compliant with the various IP standards and IP interfaces. As a matter of fact, PBX systems are going to effect a lot transformation in the communications in business as well as in personal life. This is due to the fact that with upgraded features and technology issues, you will be able to enjoy low cost routing and also enhanced network integration.

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