Explore The Beauty Of Eastern Himalaya — Enjoy Manas National Park Tourism

People who love to explore new spots while traveling always look for some offbeat trips. They look for something which does not match the conventional concept of tourism. For such people, Manas national park tourism is an ideal package.

In India, you can find several national parks and sanctuaries where wild animals are living in their natural habitat, and the travelers can enjoy their company in beautiful nature. Manas is one of those national parks that is considered as one of the most amazing and popular tourist destination in the Eastern India.

About The Park

Manas is a National Park in India, and it is located in the zone of eastern Himalaya. Through this park, you can see the famous Manas River. This national park is located both in India and in Bhutan, and that gives it a unique environmental distinction from the other national parks of India. In its Indian part, the park has the lowland tropical forest, which is located in Assam.

This is a park in India where you can find the great Royal Bengal Tiger, Asiatic Elephant, and the Indian Bison. That means you can find all the exclusive Indian wild animals in this park. Apart from them the golden langur, hispid hare, the pygmy hog, one-horned rhinoceros as well as water buffalo are some of the other species that can make your trip unforgettable.

Why This Park

It is true that India has multiple national parks all over its map. Some of them are highly interesting and have some of the best flora and fauna of Asia. However, the attraction of Manas national park tourism is high among the tourists because of its vivid nature. Another attraction of Manas national park is the river itself which the home to the rare Gangetic dolphins. Apart from that, this river is a great source of underwater flora and fauna which can attract the tourists anytime.

Where To Stay

This is a great tourist attraction in the Eastern India, and hence there are lots of hotels and lodges near this park where you can stay and enjoy your tour. There are camps as well where tourists can stay and enjoy their closeness with open nature. You can also combine other tourist attractions to this trip to make it more joyful for you and your loved ones.

However, you should contact with the most popular and experienced tour operators to get the best package for this place. There are tour companies that arrange adventure tours in various national parks in India, and you can book their packages as per your budget.

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