The eternal five o’clock rant

Do you have your muchness?

You used to be much more muchier…You lost your muchness. — said the Hatter to the lost girl. It was no word therapy, for he was no therapist. He was the madman in the story. So what value can these words have, anyway?

We live our lives by design. Signed by someone else. Someone unknown known by the general name of society. We refuse to hack that existence most of the times. And then, all of a sudden, the muchness comes back. Unwanted. It is that little voice that tells one to keep it simple, to think outside the box, to embrace creativity, to slow down and smell the daisies (I don’t like roses). Can it be just another form of pressure? How do you know?

It’s simple. You don’t. You just have to feel it, let go of any form of overthikning and start paying attention to yourself and your surroundings. If you don’t feel tired all the time, disappointed, depressed, devalued and all the other “de” in the dictionary, chances are you have your muchness working for you.

And that muchness goes by all the other names — energy, passion, authenticity, creativity. You know, the “general cliches”. But the difference lies in yourself. Because if you use your muchness, those cliches become distinctive traits that make you muchier again.

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