What are you doing with your life?

Ever wonder what you’re doing with your life? This is a very common question we ask ourselves in our 20s but never really speak about openly. I mean, my friend’s have spoken to me about it but I’d never know that one of my classmates were unsure of their life’s path. Frankly, I’ve always been the one who everyone thought had it all together. Maybe I do, or maybe that’s their definition of “put together.”

I probably should have gone into consulting, but I’m stuck in telecom. But would I really be happy in consulting? Who knows.

When did we stop doing things we loved and didn’t question it? Three of my greatest strengths and weaknesses are discipline, determination and focus. But I find that somehow these traits have lead me down a path of “what is good for me” and not to “what I love.” In fear of choosing the wrong path, I kept all options open. But what I’ve failed to do is choose something that I love. And now the question “What am I doing with my life” daunts me.

While people tell you to do something you love, something you’re good at and something that’s financially lucrative; I’m not too concerned with the latter two. I know that I can do anything I put my mind to and that I like money too much to do anything that wasn’t lucrative.

Over the course of my blog, I hope to share my learnings, my experiences and my mistakes. I am also keen on not editing my pieces to create a raw experience for my audiences — once I’ve reached the end of my page, I’ll publish. For the sake of understanding my words, I will be fixing my typos. Okay, this definitely didn’t need that much explaination.

Until next time…