Why Hasn’t Dan Schneider Had His #MeToo Moment?
Alex Gonzalez

I think some of your information is incorrect. Amanda never accused Dan Schneider of sexual abuse.. she accused her father. (and quickly recanted it) Some SPECULATED that she may have been inadvertently meaning someone else from her past such as Schneider but this was merely guesswork. Whatever the case, my best guess is that Amanda was sexually abused as a child by someone. But whether that was Schneider or not is only speculation. I have to agree he raises huge red flags with me too. There could be multiple reasons why people haven’t come forward about him. I don’t need to list what these reasons may be. But I too, was waiting for it!! Its even entirely possible that his creepy innuendo etc was as far as he ever went. Although my gut feeling is saying where there’s smoke there’s always fire.