Feminist Wars

When you think of Star Wars, you think of three things. Chewbaca, Stormtroopers, and “Luke I am your father” but when it comes to women, who do you think of? Princess Leia is one, but think of another female character. You couldn’t think of one could you? That is because the only female character with a lead role is Princess Leia. Not only is she the only female character to get a role, but she also have a lot of lines. Unlike how the other women get such a limited time on the screen. While you keep thinking of another female character, there is a very informative video that describes the numerous of times a women spoke in the movies. With all the episodes combined, the female characters only get 1 minute and 3 of seconds of screen time to be exact. So, why are female characters getting a limited time and why are we all not noticing it till now?

While Star Wars was mainly for a male audience, it didn’t stop many other genders from watching the movies. In all the films, you seen a male main character. You saw him fighting off evil and trying to save the galaxy. However, have you seen a women that wasn’t princess Leia doing that? You can clearly see that Princess Leia is the only female ever speaking in all of the movies. According to an article written by Dirk Libby, “63 seconds of total screen time over three movies, according to New York Magazine. One character per movie beyond the female lead. We’ll cop to being embarrassed we’d never noticed this before though we’re pretty sure we’re not the only ones. Even taking out the lack of screen time that women got in these films, the lack of speaking characters in total is more than a little disturbing.” Libby, Dirk. N.D. If that’s the time that each female character got, then something must be wrong. The lack of screen time that women have is absurd and I don’t think the creators of Star Wars gets that because again, it was intended for a male audience. It’s understandable but at the same time, many can take it to offense because of the lack of women that is being shown. It could’ve been refreshing seeing other female faces other than Princess Leia and it could’ve been refreshing seeing other women talk other than Princess Leia .At the end of the day, that is not going to change and all we can hope for is see more women get more screening time.

Many people do not notice that there isn’t a whole lot of women speaking, but many other people like to observe the movies. The entire reason why the movie industry rarely ever lets female actresses have leads in a sci-fi movies is because the directors think that women don’t have enough knowledge when it comes to science fiction. We all never notice the absence of women in films and that’s because the media limits it and can wrap it to the point where the presence of one woman in a cast full of infamous male characters can seem like perfect equality. The media likes to limit us when it comes to female characters. When have you ever seen a top selling film with a female character as the leader? Not a whole lot. That is because the media industry is made up of mainly all male staff. I might be wrong but we do see that a lot of the time. Hudson, Laura. 12 Feb. 2013

As the new Star Wars films have been coming out, many male fans have been getting upset due to the fact that there is a female playing a lead role in the movie. The first Star Wars movies, you never really saw Princess Leia being the main character. The main character was always Luke. Although Princess Leia was the only girl, she was never considered as the “main character”. Most of the time, Princess Leia was being pushed to the side as the movies kept on coming, but that never really changes the fact that she was the only female character to ever have lines. Lambie, Ryan. 6 May. 2014

Now why is it that not a lot of female characters don’t get a lot of lines? That will always be unknown. It has gotten extreme that “unless you’re an Aunt Beru fan, female characters barely get a word in. A New Hope’s Aunt Beru has more lines than any woman other than Leia, in the trilogy, with a whole 30 seconds of dialogue. Considering she was killed off early on in the first film, that’s quite impressive (relatively speaking). In The Empire Strikes Back, the only woman other than Leia to have a name is a nameless rebel officer with the remarkably insignificant line: Stand by, Ion Control… Fire.” Blumsom, Amy. 3 Dec. 2015.

Besides seeing Princess Leia always speaking, it wouldn’t be too much trouble for the movie industry to have more female characters in the movies with more lines. Seeing how they limit the female character’s speaking time is absurd. The sexism in the production of this film made many viewers want to see other female characters because many other people would have wanted to see other female characters that were not pushed to the side. In all, Star Wars has been getting praise for finally coming out with a female lead character, but the real question is will the other female character be limited to her lines? Will we be able see stronger female individuals getting more lines and are we going to see more female roles in the movies? It is hard to see, but all we have to do is wait till the next movie comes out. We won’t know for sure if the producers of Star Wars will be able to change the way they view women and it’s hard to tell if we will be able see new female faces in Star Wars.